EP Review – I Feel Fine by Youth For Sale (2021) (Self released)


Glasgow has always been one of the ‘indie’ capitals of the world. Any band getting just that little bit to popular for their own good, are usually slapped back down to earth with a nonchalant dismissive, closely followed by a carefully delivered expletive.
Such is the way of the wonderful Glaswegians, that talent is only really celebrated if a) you are not seen to be trying too hard and b) if any critical acclaim directed towards such talent, does not lead to a ‘Billy Big Bollocks’ attitude.
With all of this in mind it is no wonder that it has become the natural home of the more playful, ramshackle genres such as twee-pop, C86 and the Postcard Records sound and Youthful For Sale are the last duo from the city to claim natural kinship with the indie sound of the city, with this superlative debut, I Feel Fine EP.
Initially the EP can be divided by density. The more lucid beauty of the simply stunning Fake Suspense and similarly jangle infused counterpart, Sure, take the distinctly jangle-gaze sound of fellow Scots acts like Swiss Portrait and Community Swimming Pool and the slight grooves and faux dark croons of the Human Tetris aesthetic, whilst threading post-punk darkness and shoegaze mystique through their core. It is possibly a sound you have heard before over the years, but not this well delivered for many.
The remaining two tracks, The Kids and Again Tomorrow! still retain a stunning ambience that is perpetuated by incidental jangled riffs, but this time there are no pretences to what the sound is, as they charge headlong into darker post-punk and are engulfed by a reverb / distorted gaze, which remains compelling due to the sheer subtlety of the juxtaposition.
As a debut longer length release, this EP point to all manner of huge potential !





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