EP Review – Look Back and It’s Gone by 3.A.M Again (2022) (Self released)

There is always the feeling that Gloucester (MA) English teacher, Michael Telles, puts absolutely ‘everything’ into his frequent EPs. Each one of them leaves the listener feeling that they have just experienced some, usually undefinable essence, that is so resolutely dear to him. His releases are just swathed in that kind of beautiful emotionality.
Look Back and It’s Gone is certainly no different and appeals as much from what he does with silence/truncation, as to what he does with his sumptuous guitar work. As such his always stunning instrumentals steal this particular show.
Opener, Blow Black Blues with it’s piercing notes, punctuating chiming riffs and  pregnant pauses, beguiles from inception, whereas the closing, Look Back is a fittingly beautiful, William Tyler style, end to one Telles’ finest accomplishments yet.
In between these offerings, the track tempos of Alone For A Day, Burn It and There’s No Good Time, typify the bewitching mixture of pastoral, choral and floral (and any other appropriate ‘al’ word I may have missed) production, that are cemented by cascading jangled riffs, that slide out of every crevice between the different nuances of ethereal. 
Josh Meadows of the wonderful It’s A Jangle Out There show, is a huge fan of this act and plays music from him (he used to be the Night Heron, before a far lesser act became all ‘copyrighty’ on him) regularly on his Thursday night shows. High praise indeed, but this release is just another example of the reasons why! 








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