Album Review – Multiverse by Reptaliens (2022) (Captured Tracks)


Portland, Oregon’s Reptaliens is the husband and wife team of Cole and Bambi Browning, who have decided to use their third album with the legendary Brooklyn, NY, based Captured Tracks label, to explore the sonic possiblities of an extra infusion of resilient, inured, alt.rock subtleties, into their sound.
As such Like A Dog, Take It and Don’t Wait infuse their omnipotent sense of dreamy spectral, with languid, yet gnarled riffs, that pierce the swirling aesthetic with a sense of hitherto unexplored grit. It’s all Melody’s Echo Chamber finding a sudden air of The Beths style, languid belligerence. Ultimately it works, just like every nuance shift this duo has ever proffered.
Those that love Reptaliens and their signature sound, are still very much accomodated for in I Feel Fine, Do You Know You Are Sleeping, Go Away and Someone I Know. Here dawning, ever developing pop melodies are stunted, broken and beautifully re-engineered to include slight psyche inflections, in much the same way that as the Candy Claws and Broadcast aesthetic.
If the music gods are at all just, Reptaliens / Multiverse will be all over all ‘the best ofs’ oon all the micro music blogs that matter at the end of the year.





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