EP Review – Physical Education by Scott Robertson (2022) (Futureman Records)


When I was 19, I was avoiding getting my head caved in at football matches, pretending my sexual conquests were far greater than they were, going to 22% of all my University lectures, becoming too acquainted with alcohol and generally being a boisterous nuisance, if not really a menace.
Aberdeen’s Scott Robertson is this age now and I hope he is getting it all out of his system like I did. What he is definitely doing though, is burgeoning a growing reputation for being something of a guitar prodigy, as he already has credits on his Dad’s (Kevin Robertson), superlative Sundown’s End album and as an integral part of Futurman Records labelmates, The Vapour Trails, as well as with his new band General Winston.
This Physical Education EP shows just what a talent he is, as he visits various nuance of power-pop electicism. Initially the opening double salvo of Hours Feel Like Minutes and This Trip, are all Teenage Fanclub, Dropkick and even his Dad in texture, juxtaposing classic jangled riffs, with the slightest essence of 60s psyche-rock and a gloriously richer, (octave) deeper voice, than the aforementioned counterparts. It is a sound he seems simply born to omit.
When All Your Life Is Gone is perhaps the stand out of the release. All playful, Mike Adams at His Honest Weight in contempo-meets-pop rock textures and rhythms, that even I cannot help moving my age-addled body too. It is unlike all he has been involved in before, but it already feels so naturally Scott Robertson !
The closing, The Worst One Yet, slows down everything and just lets his beautiful vocals thrive amid a laconic sense of plaintive. All Kevin Tihista in tempo and texture, this is simply a stunning climax to highly accomplished debut.
I am not sure where this young man will be in 10 years time, but I hope and fully expect a vast quantity of his music to be filling my music collection.






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