EP Review – It’s Only Everything by Field School (2022) (Small Craft Advisory)


It is just a little bit difficult to get much information about the Olympia, Washington based act, Field School or indeed the Small Craft Advisory label project they have collaborated with. Nothing really telling about the who, what and where on their Instagram site and not the usual plethora of social media sites attached to them announcing their debut EP.
As such I was alerted to the release of this It’s Only Everything EP courtesy of the numerous ‘buying recommendations’ of the respected music connoissers I follow on Bandcamp. Thankfully, as is always the case, if enough of them are excited enough to buy a certain release, it invariably tends to be special. Thus it is so.
The very best of the EP is seen in Loving Me Was Never Gonna Work Out and I Just Want To Take Paint You In Pictures. These tracks augment such grandiose, theCatherines style song titles, with a haunting, isolated jangled beauty reminiscent of the Real Numbers and juxtapose it with that slight languid sense of indie-folk freedom and spectral production that San Francisco acts such as The Umbrellas and The Reds, Pinks and Purples, gift the music world.
The album is not all spectral jangle though, as tracks such as When You Leave and Is This Our Love Song? slow down to a languid mid-tempo, adds big 60s-pop style intros and infuse the core with resonating chiming rif,fs that feel so crisp they almost twang. This backdrop seems to make the Garfunkel-esque vocals thrive with haunting emotionality.
Despite the infancy of 2022, it is going to take a whole host of very special EPs to oust this from the numerous blog and zine ‘best ofs’ at the end of the year !






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