EP Review – Gum Demos by Sassyhiya (2022) (Self released)


Some music is all things ‘pretty girl frolicking on a windy beach in an Amelia Fletcher hand me down floral dress, twee’. Other sounds retain the same sense of twee, but ensure the smooth niceties of the genre are deliberately flat-handed to add just that extra bite and indie credence.
Enter London duo, Sassyhiya, to bring you the best of what alt. jangly twee-pop can be. At their very best they completely remove any sense of the saccharine that the twee-pop genre is known for and drift a precise sense of demi post-punk through it’s core.
Here I had A Thought and a Boat Called Predator, take the isolated riffs of Polvo, or more latterly the Blanco Tranco aesthetic and augment it with perfect sparcity and the coolest of vocal disinterest. Essentially, it’s twee for bad boys and girls and should only be looked at when your mums not around.
They can do sugar though, but it’s still a tad weird in the most precise of ways. As such On Our Way and Thank You and Goodbye, add a sense of jangly indie-pop frivolity and playfulness, in much the same way as the Parsnip vibe and imbues it with that subdued sense of ‘not really caring’, that only the best of British chanteuses have ever really excelled in.
With everyone going bob bon ballistic about Spotify and their sheer unadulterated badness, I am hoping that little golden nuggets like this spurious act, will start to receive a bit of ‘monetary Bandcamp attention’. They certainly deserve it !






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