Album review – Summer at Land’s End by The Reds, Pinks and Purples (Slumberland Records / Tough Love Records)


Everything just seems to fit with Glenn Donaldson and his latest, The Reds, Pinks and Purples project and whilst ‘fit’ may be a lazy adjective, it is certainly the most appropriate, to describe the way that Summer At Land’s End, succinctly augments the previous three albums in this interconnected series.
On this, the projects fourth release since the end of October 2019, there is still an abundance of everything that has become a wonderful signature sound. However, from a holistic perspective, there is a sense that this album has become slightly denser and darker, adhering to a ‘series trend’ that promises emotional unravelling at some point.
The beautiful, dulcet and subdued riffs that Donaldson has always been able to captivate our psyche with, are still very abundant, with Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love, Pour The Light In and Tell Me What’s Real providing his trademark reverberant beauty, that only partially masks the lyrical ‘relationship despair’.
However the above vibrancy no longer dominates like it did a couple of releases ago on Anxiety Art and to a lesser extent on April ’21s, Uncommon Weather, as the soft gaze-laden, de-personalized, cinematic sounds of Don’t Come Home Too Soon, New Light, My Soul Unburdened, Dahlias and Rain and especially the epic, almost ‘prog-jangle’ (I never thought I would use such a term in a sentence!) of the title track, engulf the release in terms of both quality and ambience. Perhaps there is the hint of an indication that his forlorn laments about relationship travails, might just be becoming more consequential and less everyman.
Such is the prolific nature of this artist that he will undoubtedly have started album number five in the series already. I doubt any of his growing legion of indie fans will want to wait too long !




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