Singled Out – Superb new singles by: Papercuts, Kevin Robertson, Kid Chameleon, Palm Friends, Persica 3 and Best Bets.


After the sheer brilliance of November 21’s, Baxter’s Bliss EP, the Papercuts solo recording project of San Francisco’s Jason Quever, is already back releasing singles from his forthcoming Past Life Regression album, that is due out on Slumberland Records on 01 April 2022.
I Want My Jacket is so typically Slumberland / Papercuts, with its melodic, faux jangled melodies, coursed through the coolest of subdued indie-pop and laconic fuzz-pop inflections.

Scotland’s bigger town’s, breed hard people, with absolute hearts of gold.
They dont come much harder than Aberdeen. A place so ‘north’ in the UK, that half the towns’ menfolk work on oil rigs in the north sea. They also dont get much more ‘gold’ than the psyche inflected, 60s jangle-pop sounds of the towns erstwhile minstrel, Kevin Robertson (this is the solo project of The Vapour Trails man) who has released Trippin Back, his first official single since his Sundown’s End debut album, that was released in May 2021.
All shimmering 60s psyche meets every jangled riff The Byrds ever proffered, the Robertson vibe is probably the best out there for fans of the current 60s jangle-pop revival, as well as offering swathes of Dropkick, Teenage Fanclub style modernity, with its subtle power-pop persuasions.
I am reliably informed a new album is on its way in a matter of months…can’t wait !

Sheffield, UK’s, Liam Marsh aka Kid Chameleon comes from a future land that Sarah Records forgot and his latest Matilda / Strawberry Water single, typifies his subtle juxtaposition of new and old indie-pop sounds.
Twisting the fluttering, The Field Mice / Trembling Blue Stars style, tiny riffs through a track that develops through stages of both lo-fi / bedroom pop subtleties and slight fuzz-laden modernity.
I am not sure that whether this track signals another full length release is being made, but I do know that his Fine project with Alice Kat is releasing a ‘best of’ compilation via this blogs’ Subjangle label in March 2022 which is (“naturally”) superb.

With the first release since their superlative debut, Nice Weather EP, Minneapolis foursome, Palm Friends, are finally back after a 2.5 year hiatus, with this sumptuous Hidden Perks flyer single off their forthcoming, The Delivery EP (out on always on point Forged Artifacts cassette label on 25 March 2022)
Drifting languid, lo-fi, Snail Mail style dream-pop machinations, through jangled riffs that chime and twang with antagonistic force, this superb act are probably just a full length release from becoming our latest indie darlings.

Toulouse, France, based label, Hidden Bay Records, have always had a penchant for discovering the best of the new gaze inflected psyche bands around and this Persica 3 act, is certainly no exception.
This flyer, Water Lily single, from the forthcoming Tangerine EP that they are releasing on 04.03.22, takes the hazy psyche-pop inflections of yesteryear and drags them through the modernity of todays jangle-gaze and noise-pop, to create a perfectly endearing, vaguely melodic, dynamic mess, that is everything this label always get so right !

In line with Meritorio Records more recent assault on becoming the world’s leading purveyors of all the differences nuances of jangle-pop, they have teamed up with the Christchurch, New Zealand based, Melted Ice Cream Records to release the On An Unhistoric Night debut,  of Kiwi power-poppers, Best Bets (due out 18.03.22).
Essentially, this Whataworld single grips the listener in all the best ways possible. Incessant, power-pop riffs that drift just that little bit to close to buzzsaw, but never cross the line, mixed with jangled melodies that fight for attention and never really concede an inch of importance amid the structured mayhem.


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