JanglePopHubMix #0014- (Editors Fickle Finger…Where January ’22 jangled)


The editor pointed his fickle finger at the following tracks to represent the best of where January 2022 jangled. Links to individual tracks below, or check out them all in the Mixcloud playlist:
  1.   MoodlightingAhead of Myself (Self released)
  2.   Knuckle Pups – Soft Attraction (Self released)
  3.   Field SchoolI Just Want To Paint You In Pictures (Small Craft Advisory)
  4.   Field SchoolLoving Me Was Never Gonna Work Out (Small Craft Advisory)
  5.   SeabliteInk Bleeds (Emotional Response Records)
  6.   ArtsickGhost of Myself (Slumberland Records)
  7.   The Reds, Pinks & Purples Pour The Light In (Slumberland Records)
  8.   Shony Collins19th Century Whore (Recorded Psychic Readings)
  9.   Kid ChameleonThe Black Bird, The Dark Slope (Heavenly Creature  Recordings)
  10.   Yucky DusterVery Good Day (Self released)
  11.   The Failed Poets  –  Long Shot (For Truggle) (Self released)
  12.   Youth For SaleFake Suspense (Self released)  
  13.   No Suits In Miami  –  The Robins Sang (Self released)
  14.   HusbandsMust Be A Cop (Self released)
  15.   How Strange It IsPlaceless (Bud Tapes)
  16.   LizzyEast Angus 1998 (Self released)
  17.   Scott RobertsonHours Feel Like Minutes (Futureman Records)
  18.   Sad Eyed BeatniksHysterical Rooters (Paisley Shirt Records / Meritorio Records)
  19.   ReptaliensI Feel Fine (Captured Tracks)
  20.   Ryan AllenCount With Me (Self released)
  21.   English SummerShe’s Falling Down (The Art of Gracelessly Falling Apart) (Self released)
  22.   3.A.M. AgainAlone For A Day (Self released)
  23.   Armstrong – Rock Star Rock Star (The Beautiful Music / Country Mile Records)
  24.   ColaturaTeam Sport (Self released)
  25.   Late Note if it wasn’t for hanging around I would have done nothing today (Self released)
  26.  The Luxembourg Signal – Travel Through Midnight (Skepwax)   
  27.  Films on Song- Over The Sink (Self released) 
  28.  No FrillsI Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anymore (Self released) 



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