Singled Out – superb new singles from The Stroppies, The No Yeahs, Eve’s Twin Lover, The Umbrella Puzzles, Grand Drifter and Eyelids


Eighteen months after the release of their Look Alive! album, Melbourne’s, The Stroppies are back releasing the first single from their highly anticipated, Levity album, that is due out on Tough Love Records on 06 May 2022.
If your are lucky enough to be UK based, they are touring mud island between 31.03.22 and 25 April 2022, as a pre-cursor to the album release. If all the reviews of their gig performances are to be believed, they are ‘must see live act’.

The No Yeahs is the recording project of a lady from Vallejo, CA, who simply refers to herself as Girlonbus.
Twee-er than a floral dress, a lovely summer’s cardigan or a twee thing that was the winner of last year’s ‘extremely twee competition’, this act adds Kimya Dawson style playfulness to a sound that is reminiscent of Tampopo and then rolls it around in the slightest of melancholic emotionality.
This is her third single since December 2021, all of which just pull the listener in, in that way that attracts ‘helpy sorts’ to the vulnerable.

Eve’s Twin Lover are a Chicago based foursome, who make indie rock that flirts with the edges of Dropkick style jangly prettiness and The Dears style indie rock sweetness, whilst always having full focus upon all that is beautifully melodic.
This Josie single has to be one of their finest tracks in a career that spans nearly 10 years now.

Ryan Marquez (of Sodajerk, The Golden Teardrops, Apple Orchard) and his The Umbrella Puzzles project, has been releasing dulcet, twang soaked, jangly indie-pop for a couple of years now on this blog’s, Subjangle label and also on the Greek, Melotron Recordings label.
Busy in the studio, Here is the video for, All The Time, which is his first single from a new EP that Subjangle will be releasing sometime in 2022.

Initially released on the Polaroid Blog‘s on the A Polaroid For Xmas compilation, Andrea Calvo re-releases this in his own Grand Drifter, Bandcamp page.
Just in case you missed it, this Memory and Dust track represents Calvo at his most beautifully lo-fi, coursing his meticulous jangly pop-rock through a retro production that only serves to add emotionality to his always beautiful sound.

From the three track, Everything That I see You See Better EP that is out on 7″ vinyl via Jealous Butcher Records, this title track shows the beauty of this acts mixture of 80s, Miracle Legion style jangle-pop and The Sugargliders floating melodies and vocals.
With former members of Guided By Voices, Stephen Malmus and the Jicks, The Decemberists and Camper Van Beethoven, the band justifies the whole supergroup feel.


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