EP Review – Like All The Suns and all the Moons by Carter C (2022) (Friend’s House Records)


Carter C is the moniker of an enigmatic solo act that hails from Henderson, Nevada. Prolific, as is the want of so many lo-fi / bedroom-pop acts, his childlike, anti-marketing ‘bunny’ obsession, could mask his true ability for those unprepared to scratch beyond his initial playfulness.
This EP is my favourite of his releases so far and shows the various nuances of his signature sound(s) perfectly. Opener, Oh Sun, opens up the core theme of lost love that dominates the release, with a driven, opining twee-pop diatribe, that bursts into a Tullycraft style, slight fuzzy energy as it progresses, without ever losing it’s twee sense of endearing.
This energy increases in the superlative stand out of Debug Mode. This is Carter C at both his ost spurious, with strange faux soundbytes and pained verbose wails, being murmured into the microphone as tiny jangled riffs fight their way through a fuzzy, US Bratpop mayhem. It is what bedroom-pop was made for !
The mixture of melodic fuzz, twee and incidental jangle, continues in Imaginary Best Friend, however a sense of epic that is so alien to his back catalogue, is added as the artist takes us on a 6+ minute journey of ‘lost love pain’ and his total intertia about finding the inclination and/or ability to do anything it. This is so adroitly penned in his lyrics:
sending you letters was all i could fucking do / my  heroes already wrote this song / and all the flights are gone / and i don’t wanna pay for gas / i’ll see you in another way / sending you letters was all i could fucking do
The final track, Oh Moon, is undoubtedly the most traditionally appealing, as tiny, fragile, jangly riffs accompany, what feels like the artists final descent into all consuming maudlin. As a stand alone track it is the most beautiful, but from the context of the album it feels like the final realization that all is lost in this particular relationship.
This act may well be surprised that someone has delved so deep into this EP, as there is always the glorious sense of playful about everything he does. However, such infant like qualities do not mask the fact that over the last year or so, Carter C’s output has been superb.
He is perhaps better than he thinks or even cares about…


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