EP Review – Triple b-Side by The Photocopies (2022) (Self released)


Since arriving on the indie-pop scene in June 2021, Michigan based Londoner, Sean Turner, has released a total of six (in my opinion, double A sides) singles, that have convulsed with C86, late 80s  indie-pop playfulness and fuzz-pop modernity in equal measures.
Finally stepping into EP territories with this three track release, it is somewhat fitting and indeed intriguing, due to their obvious quality, that Turner considers these as akin to the ‘lost b-sides’, of the singles that went before.
Something More opens with whirring organ/keys and grabs at every available melodic fuzz laden note available. It is a sound that is so very reminsicent of the Phil Sutton led project, Cinema Red and Blue and perhaps gains a b-side status, by virtue of the fact it is just so different to what he has released before. Brilliant but different.
Pop Quiz and Off-Kilter both take a Tullycraft, driven twee core, wraps all manner of BMX Bandits stylistics around it and then just adds that typical The Photocopies fuzzy mayhem, to ensure it moves off into sub 1.5 minutes of cute, almost Buzzcocks style, buzzsaw energy.
Possibly the only act around at present that is mastering C86 in all it’s less than subtle nuances, The Photocopies are ripe for the extended release that should bring Turner the critical acclaim his project deserves.


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