Album Review – y todo sigue igual​.​.​.by Un día soleado (2022)(Self released)

Argentina’s, Un Dia Soleado’s, had a busy 2021, releasing four singles and a live EP  that very much signalled a new kid on the left field jangle blog. This album is something of a ‘so far…’ compilation with all the above singles joined by various live performances and covers.
It is at it’s very best when it is at it’s most obtuse, with the opening double salvo of Amigx invisible and Sentirnos tristes (no está mal) adding off-kilter Mo Troper style vocals, to all things twang and plink about the earliest of the mid 80s UK jangle-pop scene. The lucid ying of the overtly jangling riffs, are in perfect conflict to the weird vocal yang.
The album moves into increased tempos with Lxs chicxs ya van a llegar and the stand out of Skate 3, could be dismissed as pop-punk, if the jangled riffs that cement the energy, were not so lucid in their surf pop propensities. 
At the other end of the tempo spectrum, gorgeous rumblers such as Diez Paseos, Verde Gris and Mensaje (1994) offer the most beautiful tracks on the release as the more frenetic vocal inflections are tethered somewhat, to produce a Autoescuela style twee-pop lilt, that is engulfed by jangled sunshine-pop melodies akin to The Yellow Melodies aesthetic.
Hopefully 2022 will be just a perfectly busy for this act and he full cements his potential.










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