Singled Out – New single by The Stroppies, Blanco Tranco, Swiss Portrait, Cinema Engines, TBWTPN and Gorgeous Bully.


It has been two and a half years since Melbourne threesome, The Stroppies, graced our ears with their mixture of flat stringed Melbourne dolewave and an incessant energy that makes them stand out above their city peers.
Now they are back with the brilliant Up To My Elbows which is the second flyer single released from a forthcoming Levity album that is out on the always essential Tough Love label on 06.05.22.

JanglePopHub went all sort of ‘gushing fanboy’ over the I’ve Been Dying To Tell You EP that was released by Blanco Tranco in November 2021 (see review here) out of Honeyglider Records.
This Devil’s Ivy single is their first release since then and sees their melancholic surf assuaged with less post-punk intensity (although it is still omnipresent) and partially replaced with 90s era The Cure, jangled effervescence.
Possibly my favour track from this superb Melbourne based foursome, so far.

Aaaahhh the wonders of the modern technology !!!
Here we see two modern day jangle-gaze greats in Edinburgh’s Swiss Portrait and New York duo the Phantom Handshakes, come together to produce a Play With Fire track that juxtaposes the vibrant surf laden gaze of the former with the beautiful dreamy vocals of the latter.

Cinema Engines is a collaboration project between Nero Bates, known from The No Colour Twins and Twins on Fire and Sebastian Voss, known from The Fisherman and his Soul and Nah.
This debut, Hello Springtime, Hello Sunshine single, out of Platiruma!!! is available on CD and takes a The Hepburns style sophisti-pop core and augments it with the fragile jangle/indie-pop essence of all manner of late 80s UK indie-pop acts.

The Boys With Perpetual Nervousness are Edinburgh’s Andrew Taylor and Spain’s Gonzalo Marcos, the latter of which shows that he is able to create the most beautiful of jangle-pop as a musician, as well as spot and release it, via the Bobo Integral label he founded.
After their previous two released regularly troubled the best of of all the micro-blogs that really matter, it is really hoped that this Open Up The Box single signals the intent to release another full length

Manchester’s Gorgeous Bully has always been able to thread jangled riffs through his general post-punk meets melancolic, core aesthetic.
This Sick of Everything single from an am i really going to die here album that is due out on 06 May 2022, typifies his versatility, as he moves into a more driven, gregarious bedroom-pop style, that is something of an outlier for his catalogue…a superb one at that !


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