Singled Out – Superb new singles by Red Sleeping Beauty, Sapphire & Steel, Stephen’s Shore, Paul Cook & the Chronicles, West Coast Music Club and Dehd


After a 20 years hiatus, Red Sleeping Beauty graced us with their mix of guitar-pop / jangly indie-pop once more, with two sublime albums in Kristina (Labrador Records, 2016) and the simply amazing Stockholm (Matinee Recordings, 2019) that cemented the Swedish threesome firmly back into our consciousness and reminded us just why they were so essential in their 90s, Marsh Mariogold, Sunday Records, Siesta heyday.
Following on from the March 2021 release of the Second Time single that featured Mary Wyer of Even As We Speak, Solid Gold sees them join up with another legendary indie-pop chanteuse, with Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Swansea Sound, Marine Research, Tender Trap…oooh how could I nearly forget Talulah Gosh !?) to produce a single that is pure nectar from the 90s indie-pop heavens !

Sapphire & Steel is the recording project of long time musical friends of Netherlands’ Estella Rosa (Nah, The Hepburns) and Norwegian pop maestro, Jørn O. Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse) and seems to be something of a vehicle to express their shared love of all things musically retro, without being tied to one particular genre or aesthetic.
After previous releases within the realms of sophisti-pop and faux disco, they have arrived at a late 80s jangly indie-pop sound in this Evelina single (out of Rosa’s, Fadeawayradiate label) that is simply late 80s glorious.
Who knows where they will go next ? Just make sure you are with them !

This Close To A Dream single is the third released from Stephen Shore‘s, Green EP, that is being released on vinyl, by the always reliable jangle-meisters of Madrid’s, Meritorio Records label, on 15.04.22.
Tinged with distant, isolated psyche and the chiming jangled riffs that have rapidly become the signature sound of this Stockholm based quintet, this EP is bound to be frequenting the year-end ‘best ofs’, of the all blogs that matter, as we move in 2023.

West Coast Music club are a varying group of musicians from the North West of England, led by Martin Adams and Peter Madden who were formerly of the 90s act, The Eye Dance.
Anyone who has followed this act over the course of the last three and a half years since their inception, will know that they can be relied upon to be the finest purveyors of all manner of quality guitar-pop.
This, Here It Comes Again single, in my humble (but obviously very correct !) opinion is undoubtedly their best track yet, taking fluttering The Byrds jangled riffs and coursing the vocal sweetness of the Kevin Robertson / Andrew Taylor vibe through it, to give joy to all those who prefer their jangle-pop to be served with huge dollop of yesteryear.

Continuing the jangly guitar-pop theme, Londoner, Paul Cook and the Chronicles, is back almost a full yearafter the brilliance of the critically acclaimed Do It Again single (a very long time for this generally prolific act), with a new Get Along track, that typifies the sumptuous pop melodies and meticulous arrangements that are his signature forte.

After the general prettiness of all the tracks above, it is no surprise that Chicago based threesome, Dehd, add some grit to the general sweetness.
All ramshackle energy, incessant drive and their ever omnipresent jangled riffs, this is the end of the jangle-pop spectrum takes it’s place at the table alongside jangle-rock greats like Together Pangea, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Smile.
Bad Love is the second sinle from a Blue Skies album that will be released on Fat Possum Records on 27.05.22.


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