EP Review – Citrus by The Klittens (2022) (Self released) (2022)


Although the name might make those of us with more sheltered upbringings blushlike a nun at a stripclub, the sheer vibrancy and home made attitude of The Klittens debut, Citrus EP, will hopefully make them far less elusive in future than their namesake.
For The Klittens sound is a hark back to a 80/90s yesteryear where full bands came together with nothing more than a rudimentary knowledge of instruments and a need to create. Essentially it was the equivalent of todays Spotify generation and their creative propensity to release music from their bedrooms…just infinitely cooler.
Thus, this Dutch quintet explore their inner 90s jangly(ish) indie-pop on Canned Air and One Night Friend. Such tracks are all deliberation and the isolated, faux jangly riffs of The Raincoats / Camera Obscura juxtaposed with the modernity of a reduced tempo, Kids on a Crime Spree type cool.
However, the very best that this EP has to offer is heard in the superlative standout Herkenbosch, Acid Violet and Pristine Blue. Taking a late 80s post-punk core that is so reminiscent of a recent acts like Home Counties or Primo!, they thread Lewsberg / Pavement style slack stringed riffs through the twee Tullycraft sensibilities of Herkenbosch and Hater style, lush jangled energies in the latter two tracks.
The beauty of this sort if ramshackle act is that the next release could see them go anywhere, as acts with this sort of fun propensity tend not to be shackled by any definitive image of genre. Let’s just hope they keep such an essence in subsequent releases.









  1. Really enjoying this band! What they dont have in musical skill they more than make up for with unusual and unpredictable twists and turns. Thanks

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