EP Review – Feeling Things by Terje Torkellsen (2022) (Self released)


Long time fans of the blog will know I have a bit of fanboy worship for all things Evan Dando / The Lemonheads within me.
That may not be cool, especially considering his propensity to be something of a “spangle”, but the heart likes what the ears find special to rest upon. This debut, Feeling Things EP, by Oslo’s Terje Torkellsen (Palmface, Mats Wawa) evokes the same jangly slacker pop passions within me and so much more.
Initially, the opening double salvo of Tears in Your Eyes and Any Other, evokes Dando comparisons as Torkellsen takes languid tempos and augments them with both the informality of his shabby, slightly disinterested vocals, the modernity of lo-fi / bedroom-pop under-production and the sort of jangy riffs that The Lemonheads never really arrived at.
When the energy increases slightly in Last Night and Got Me Down, the chime and twang of The Umbrella Puzzles style riffs comes to the fore, which somehow manages to avert the attention away from a slacker-pop bias directly into a more jangly indie-pop core.
This four track release just leaves the listener wanting more. As such, job done for a debut release from this highly promising act.






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