Beat The Delete #0159 (weekly new music recommendations)


Panda Riot

Track: E.S.P From:  Extra Cosmic (single) Label: Bella Union Out:Now
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based foursome, who seap glorious jangled melodies through layer upon layer of fuzz, buzz and distortion. A sound for those who wished My Bloody Valentine were prettier !

The Loud Bangs

Track: New Flavors From:  Introducing The Loud Bangs (EP) Label: Self Released Out: Now
Drifting somewhere between The Breeders style alt rock muscularity and the beautiful, melodic shoegaze of Lush, the twin guitars of Alice Street and Daisy Gutierrez are a sumptuous throwback to all that was special about 90s indie.

Buff Ginger

Track: Doggy Salon From: I Don’t Like Haunted Houses (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Juxtaposing the languid melancholy of Gorgeous Bully with the twanging riffs of The Umbrella Puzzles, Buff Ginger provides jangle to inspire fans of obtuse lo-fi fuzz.


Track: Hearts Underground From: Hearts Underground (single) Label: Bella Union Out:Now
After two brilliant albums via the always reliable Kanine Records label, this Toronto based threesome have been picked up by one of the ‘Big Indie Boys’ in Bella Union. Deservedly so, if this third single from their forthcoming album is indicative.

Atmos Bloom

Track: Daisy From: Flora (album) Label: Spirit Goth Records Out: Album out July 2022
Atmos Bloom are a duo from Manchester (UK) who course irresitable jangled riffs through the most subtle of gaze inflections. Another winning find from a Spirit Goth Records label, who always unearth the most beautiful of jangle-gaze acts.

The Wesleys

Track: Find A Way From: Find A Way (single) Label: Burnt Sugar Records Out:Now
The Bancamp bio of this Montreal based foursome simply states, “A lil’ bit of this, a lil’ bit of that”, which is a perfect description for this dynamic mix of DIIV style post-punk, psyche-rock and jangle !

The Sylvia Platters

Track: Pristine Disarray From: Pristine Disarray (single) Label: Self released Out:Now
This single would be exactly the sound The Smiths would aim for in any eventual reunion, just to add a bit of modernity for today’s audience. Marr-esque riffs to die for, from this Vancouver based foursome.


Track: Crypto Vegan From:Crypto Vegan (single) Label: Self released Out:Now
Los Angeles based threesome, FNTN, are back with their first single since last years critically acclaimed Apocalypse Disco EP. All muscular riffs, threaded through a Britpop core energy, this single perfectly blurs the parameters between indie rock and jangle-pop.


Track: Grenade From:Whiplash (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Toronto chanteuse GRAE, already has 11 million streams on Spotify and is bound to be delighted with the extra four (4…not 4 million) this mention adds !!!
She deserves all the attention she is getting though, with this track being one of the most beautiful from an album that flirts effortlessly with contempo pop, Soccer Mommy style introspection and the Pixey aesthetic of jangly commerciality.


Track: Undergrowth From: Undergrowth (single) Label: Self released Out:Now
Em is the solo recording project of New Zealand’s, Emily Wheatcroft-Snape, who provides a hazy, lo-fi indie-pop, juxtaposed with jangly dream-pop textures that provide simply beautiful aural textures.

New Age Healers

Track: Don’t Let Me Go From: Don’t Let Me Go (single) Label: Self released Out:Now
The improbable mix of hazy psych-rock and shoegaze, works perfectly in the hands of this quintet from Seattle. Check out the superb guitarmanship (if that is not a word, it is now !) that culminates in a truly memorable outro riff.

The Board

Track: Want More? From: LIR (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Multi national Berlin based act, who provide a glorious mix of cinematic post-punk and faux jangled melodies. Beautiful melancholy in it’s most precious form.

Billy Bonbon

Track: Brow From: Brow (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
As the world dives headlong into the realms of the instantaneous gratification of the Spotify Generation, it is sometimes hard to remember that their is a whole world of music beyond a digital single every 2nd month, from every second act.
The world I refer to is the “gig world”. Here Billy Bonbon remind us of what it is like to be captvated by a live performance, rather that distracted by the next potential mouseclick.

Urban Walrus

Track: Shades From: Shades (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Subtle power-pop / Brit-pop mix, with jangly guitar-pop threaded into the core. This is a throwback to best of all things 90s guitar music, from a Swiss based act led by Fabian Koerber.


Track: Theme From: Parsnips Under My Feet by Various Artists on Pumf Records (album) Label: Floating Mill Records Out: Now
The fine musical archaeologists at Floating Mill Records are back with a tribute to cult Blackpool based label, Pumf records. This album is full of acts that have slid under even the most indiest of indie radars!

Blue Cove

Track: Here You Come From: Here You Come (singe) Label: Self released Out: Now
Blue Cove is an up-and-coming Chicago indie rock band composed of Stephanie Nikolas and Eric Breden, who drift subtle guitar pop through floaty dream-pop textures and washed out gaze inflections. Beautifully languid.

The Future Dead

Track: Travel In Time From: Planet Milk and the Non Stop Rain Dance (album) Label: Gotobed Records Out: Now
Deadpan? Lo-fi? Twee-pop? Jangly? All of the previous?… the most jangly, gloriously disinterested experience music can offer, from this Gent, Belgium, based foursome



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