JanglePopHubMix #0016- (Editors Fickle Finger…Where March’22 jangled)


The Editors Fickle Finger settled upon the following great tracks that were released in March 2022. If you want to cherry pick your selection, click on the red links below, if not the Mixcloud embed plays the full show…We hope you enjoy !!!
  1. HumdrumSuperbloom (Self released)
  2.  U.S. HighballI’ve Stopped Eating (Lame-O Records / Bingo Records)
  3.  Hoorsees Cream & Onion (Kanine Records)
  4.  KatzIt’ll Never End (Self released)
  5.  Coral CollapseAvalon (Admirable Traits Records)
  6.  No Suits in MiamiThe Robin’s Sang (Shelflife Records)
  7.  Mike CostaneyMister Doty (Prosaic Version) (Self Released)
  8.  LommaFin (Self released)
  9.  The StroppiesThe Perfect Crime (Tough Love) 
  10.  No FrillsDark Horse (Self released)
  11.  FontanarosaDays Go By (Howlin Banana Records)
  12.  ChartsDouble Vision (Self Released)
  13.  Days of TelevisionUnder Her Spell (Self released)
  14.  SubterfugeStephanie Said (Less Records)
  15.  VibropathTurning Inside (Self released)
  16.  CowgirlFigure It Out (Safe Suburban Home Records)
  17.  Ferri-ChromeAt 7th Floor (Testcard Records)
  18.  Sugar WorldWe Fell In Love (Sunday Records)
  19.  The Reds, PInks and PurplesLife in the Void (Self released)
  20. The Reds, PInks and PurplesNothing Between the Lines at All (Self released)
  21. The Shop WindowBreak Down Walls Unplugged (Self Released)
  22. LaudsRust (Fort Lowell Records)
  23. Somewhere UnderwaterSeulement Dans Mes Rêves (AdP Records)
  24. Palm Friends Hidden Perks (Forged Artifacts)
  25. Don’t Worry Head’s Chocka (Specialist Subject Records)
  26. Kid Chameleon Fremdscham (Self released)
  27. Gorgeous Bully – Sick of Everything (Self released)
  28. Crystal Meadows – We Can Get Away From Here (Self released)
  29. The KlittensPristine Blue (Self released)
  30. The Photocopies Something More (Self released)

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