EP Review – Safe House by Swiss Portrait (2022) (DMY Artists / Spirit Goth)


The last year has been quite a ride for Midlothian (Scotland) based, Michael Kay Terence  and his Swiss Portrait solo recording project.
Commencing with the critically acclaimed, simply sublime, Find My Way flyer single from a Familiar Patterns album that was eventually released by the universally known Slovakian, Z Tapes cassette label and followed by the Vinyl Post release of his Cassette single, it is fair to say that very few bedroom-pop acts have engendered such a rapid upwards trajectory.
This follow up, Safe House album, is highly unlikely to halt this rise in anyway. Typifying a signature sound that always manages to combine the most spatial of dream-pop, with a sound that simulatenously touches on the parameters faux surf-pop riffs and the more muscular melancholy of the modern jangle-gaze movement, tracks such as Wasted and Lazy are as stunning as anything he has released so far.
However, without doubt the finest track on this release is the Play With Fire single that features another Z Tapes act, in New York based duo Phantom Handshakes. Taking the beautifully Bjork inflected vocals of Federica Tassano and twisting them through his jangled riff vibrancy, the sound of this track just takes on another life of it’s own. Almost weirdly spectral. Always beautiful.
Jangly dream-pop at it’s most beautiful. Grab yourself a cassette version, from Spirit Goth, here.




full release


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