Beat The Delete #0162 (weekly new music recommendations)


Resounding Maybes

Track: Just Say Maybe  From:  Just Say Maybe (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
The jangliest, slightly dreamy, indie-pop you are ever likely to hear. Imagine old school Eyelids style jangle mixed with a subtle Holy Now modernity and you are just about ready to be engulfed by this glorious sound.

Trevor Howlett

Track: Don’t Need The Limelight  From: Don’t Need The Limelight (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The latest obsessive earworm that had attacked my aural cavities with it’s pop rock hooks and melodies, is this nugget from this Alberta based solo act. Only listen if you are prepared to carry this track around with you for the next few days !

Teenage Tom Petties

Track: Boxroom Bangers  From: Boxroom Bangers  (Single) Label: Safe Suburban Home / Repeating Cloud Out: Now
Teenage Tom Petties is the home-recorded garage punk project of Tom Brown (of the indie-rock duo Rural France), whose sounds teeters between early The Lemondheads and The Descendants. All manner of 90s brilliance !

Kissing Party

Track: Boy With Pipe  From:  Mom & Dad (album) Label: Self released Out: Album out 17 May 2022
Denver, Colorado based foursome, who offer a sumptuous mix of 2nd Grade style jangle-pop and dreamy demi-gaze, that jangles and chimes in all the right places. Their Mom & Dad album is eagerly awaited by all at Janglepophub Towers.


Track: Spinning Top  From:  Spinning Top (Single) Label: Quiet Crown Out: Now
Hartlepool’s finest ‘Northern guitar-poppers’ are back with more jangly beauty. The extended outro on this track is also beautiful chime, in the style of The Cry.


Track: City  From:  City (single) Label: Tonedivision Out: Now
This second single from this Boston based, Pao Altamarino led act, simultaneously chimes with jangled exuberance, whilst maintaining a subtle sense of dream-pop melancholy. With an EP out on 20 May 2022, this act deserves a press of every follow button you can locate !

Suave Punk

Track: Petals  From:  Petals (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Sitting at the parameters of gaze and new wave whilst always paying attention to jangly, swirling dream-pop, this US based Korean, is all manner of glorious Slowdive.


Track: Degree  From:  Deep in View (single) Label: Fire Talk Out: Album out 20 May 2022
Taking on the semi spoken word vocals and anxious riffs of the Lewsberg sound and mixing it with a Primo! style post-punk modernity, this superb Fire Talk act will appease those with a more alt.jangle bias.


Track: It’s Probably Me  From:  Mavidavilon (EP) Label: Dumont Dumont Out: EP out 03 June 2022
The beauty of this Swedish act is their sheer simplicty. Simply beautiful jangle-pop, simply earworm hooks and melodies and simply a sound to accompany every summers ‘beer garden’ evening.

Walter Concrete

Track: Headlong From:  Headlong (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Dreamy, lo-fi rock that twists jangled riffs and faux melodies out of gaze laden, echoed vocals. Beautiful in a spatial, distant manner.

Nox Boys

Track: My Umbrella  From:  My Umbrella (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Pennsylvania based foursome, who take laconic garage rock, add faux melodies and jangle-pop into a mix that can be reminiscent off the off-kilter stylistics of Violent Femmes.

DownTown Mystic

Track: Fly  From:  Fly (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Traditional blue collar / Americana / jangle-pop with hooks and mleodies to die for from all Canadian rocker Robert Allen. One for those not needing to look any further than old school.


Track: Quiet, Distant and Wistful  From:  Audisoup (Album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lying equidistant between the current sound of the always growing The Strokes revival and the indie rock jangle of Ducks Ltd, this Los Angeles based threesome make melodic noise to be engulfed by.

Dylan Sherry

Track: Want Ur Love  From:  Ur Love (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Los Angeles based act always seems to add extra layers of perfection to his jangly, melancolia with every release. Always beautiful, always rooted in Americana, this is Sherry at the very top of his game.

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