EP Review – Outside Voices by The Wesleys (self released)


New Montreal based foursome, The Wesleys, first camE to my attention in February 2022, with their quite superlative flyer single and subsequent opening track from this EP, Find A Way. Follow button firmly pressed on Bandcamp, I awaited a longer debut release,with an anticipation that was warranted by the sheer potential this single offered.
Thankfully, in the main, Outside Voices never really veers from  the Find A Way template and you really would never need it to ! As such it is joined by by Anxiety Attacks and Get A Reaction, in a sound that somewhow manages to find a core aesthetic equidistant between incessant 60 fuzz laden garage, laconic, almost San Francisco style psyche rock and gloriously lucid, chiming jangle-pop. Imagine the latest sound of Kevin Robertson and ramp up the tempo. It’s that kind of beauty.
Strangely enough, despite the brilliance of the above dominant vibe, the best of the EP is heard in the obvious outlier, Wrong Side of Love. This starts off with a sumptuous, elongated jangly intro that sidles into beautiful soft rock meets Teenage Fanclub smoothness. As the track develops it takes little detours into crunching riffs, but is always drawn back into the omnipotent sense of ‘pretty’ courtesy of the slight Andrew Taylor / Dropkick quality of the vocals.
A truly superb debut for fans who like their jangle/garage served on a 60-90s platter.







  1. Hello

    Regarding to this order, is there any chance to get the records? I made the order in november and it has been postponed nine times. Many thanks in advance for your answer. Kind regards




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