Beat The Delete 0164 (weekly new music recommendations)


Sea Lemon

Track: Last Year From:  Close Up (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This is a beautiful debut EP, from the solo project of Natalie Lew, that epitomizes the always stunning dream-pop/jangle-gaze signature sound of a Spirit Goth Records label that never disappoints.


Track: Best Wishes From:  Best Wishes (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The aesthetic created by Keena Batti & Molly Falck evokes the aural sensations of all manner of Z Tapes / Spirit Goth Records acts, with it’s jangly dream-pop and slight sense of the monasterial of 3.a.m. Again vibe. Something so very beautifully different.


Track: Change From:  Other Girls Too (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Despondent  are Nora Schlang (vocals, guitar), Joe Cristo (guitar), Jaxon Vexly (drums) and David Rupel (bass). They create a glorious mix of Hater style, jangly anti-dream-pop and bubblegum cutesy. Check out the Other Girls Too EP, you will not be disappointed.

The Valery Trails

Track: Disappear  From:  Disappear (EP) Label: Sel released Out: Now
Brisbane threesome, The Valery Trails, have always been able to mix the best of 80/90s Australiana, with the most subtle of power-pop and jangle. After the brilliance of Feb 2022’s, Introvert Blues three track single, we are extremely lucky to get another EP so quickly!

Half Tail

Track: What Is A Dream? From:  Catching Frogs At Night (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Seattle based foursome offer the burnished jangle of the Slaughter Beach Dog sound swathed in a blue collar sense of Americana, that hints at a world very much ‘lived in’. 


Track: Esther  From:  Esther (single) Label: Lilybank Records Out: Now
Jeshua is the solo recording project of Dundee based, Joshua Gray, who offers another slice of all that is precious about the current melodic jangle-gaze / dream-pop sound that is forging a scene in Scotland, with acts like Community Swimming Pool and Swiss Portrait.

The Youth Play

Track: The Years  From:  The Years Label: Self released Out: Now
The first single in three years from this West London foursome, bristles with Triple J dulcet jangled riffs and a sense of perfectly downtrodden melancholia, that will appeal to jangle-pop, indie-rock and post-punk fans alike.


Track: Rider  From:  Rider (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Isolated, dark, motorik tinny riffs, add to the post-punk feel of this single. Perhaps it is not really a jangle-pop nuance at all, but there is just something about those riffs that draw me in. This is the second single from an, as yet unamed forthcoming EP and I am all over this act like a cheap suit already ! 

Deep Sea Peach Tree

Track: Puppy Love  From:  Puppy Love (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This New York based threesome led by Kristof Denis, mix a slacker-pop, melodic, lack of intensity, to equally laconic surf-rock. One of those sounds that just draws you in with its sunshine and inimitable sense of indie-cool.


Track: Sweet Nothing  From:  Supercharged II (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Those that prefer their slacker-pop engulfed by the raucous vibe of the earliest of The Lemonheads albums, may well have found their latest, retro 90s darlings!

Social Creatures

Track: Seven Years  From:  Seven Years (Single) Label: Burn The Money Out: Now
Brooklyn act, who take the washed out jangle-pop of a Dayglow type act and augment it with the rich pop melodies of the Mac DeMarco vibe. The coolest sunshine-pop heard for a while !

Doo Crowder

Track: Already Gone  From:  Already Gone (Single) Label: Crackpot Sasquatch Records Out: Now
Equidistant between Eliott Smith melancholy and the dense, latter era Grandaddy sound, this act  explores every melodic crevice between obtuse and lo-fi jangly.


Track: Goodbye  From:  Pirouette (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Colebert is the solo recording project of New Haven, Connecticut’s, Cole Crawford. Plainly in thrall of Elliott Smith, this melancholic jangle is augmented by the more distant, retro production sounds that make Gorgeous Bully so special.

Humanga Danga

Track: Lima Bean Bunny Board From:  Watusi Peak (Single) Label: Self released Out: EP Out September 2022
Those who have been following this blog long enough, will know I am an absolute sucker for the surf rock sounds of The Ventures and Dick Dale. This Ghent, Belgium, based act are capable of doing it as well as any of their contemporaries.


Track: For The Birds  From:  For The Birds (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Offering the jangle infused ends of the Garage rock sound and mixing it with the slightest of britpop muscualirity and post-punk dankness, this Canadian foursome bring something belligerent to the all =female sound.


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