EP Review – Broken Blossom Threats by Helpful People (2022) (Burundi Cloud Music)


This digital only release is the project of Carly Putnam (The Oilies) and Glenn Donaldson (The Reds Pinks and Purples, The Telephone Numbers). Both could be described, by those of a similar gushing sentimentality as mine, as the ‘Mom and Pop’ of the current burgeoning jangle-pop scene in San Francisco.
Essentially, within two subtle nuance shifts, Broken Blossom Threats feels like the best of both the above artistes, swathed in the slightest of mid 80s dank. As such the EP is enlightened by the radiating opening double salvo of You Don’t Know Where To Go and the title track, which feel like they meet equidistant between the isolated, retro production of the Donaldson persuasion and the jangly indie-pop brevity of The Oilies, albeit with Putnam adding dark deliberation to her previous vocal frivolity.
This darker feel is accentuated further in Backward Mirror, Empty Heads and The Tunnel at the End of the Light, until it takes on that mid to late 80s feel, where post-punk was gradually morphing into jangle-pop. Both tracks are resplendent in an aesthetic of dense muscularity, that neither Puttnam or Donaldson have offered before in their ‘day job’ acts.
I am not sure if this is something both parties are keen to continue with or whether it was just a brief sojourn to test the waters? Let’s hope they realize ‘we’ need more !






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