Album Review – Blue Skies by Dehd (2022) (Fat Possum Records)


Over the course of their five albums since 2016, Chicago based trio, Dehd, have made what appears to be an easy transition from being the darling of the micro-blogs, to also being the darling of all the ‘glossy zines’ that use lots of big words.
Blimey…even the Guardian, a British broadsheet newspaper with a readership of pseudo left intellectuals (generally leading decidedly right SUV lifestyles) have covered this Blue Skies album.
Somehow though, Dehd remain decidedly ‘ours’. Defiantly the choice of the people. Perhaps it is due to the facts they have steadfastly remained with labels such as Fire Talk and now, for the first time, Fat Possum Records, both of  whom, still have hearts that beat with all things indie, despite a success that has turned other labels into money making machines. Or it could just be that there is a resonance to their sound that just sounds like a call to arms that implores us to get on with enjoying life.
As such Bad Love, Bop and the superlative closing double salvo of Stars and No Difference, seem to bellow through life’s impasse with an optimism that never fails to enthrall and jangled riffs that grab you from what feels like a multitude of directions. These are the sort of Dehd tracks that are always remembered, long after you stop playing it for the day.
However, this threesome has another side. A softer side, that ensures the ‘everyman appeal’ and reveals the sheer brilliance of their artistry. Whether it be the crooning, minimalistic sweetness of  Control, Memories or Palomino, the twang laden subtleties of Clear and No Difference, such understatement is the true essence of what truly makes each Dehd release special.
At their current trajectory don’t be surprised of whoever your god may be starts to review their next release…even so, they will still be defiantly ours !






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