Beat The Delete #0165 (weekly new music recommendations)


Gabriel’s Dawn

Track: Real Love From:  Gabriel’s Dawn (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Nestled like a lucid star, between sprightly Massage style jangled riffs and the jangly indie-pop of Sarah Records yesteryear, this Midlands (UK) based quintet, could well be the next big thing in jangle-pop modernity.

Yea-Ming and the Rumours

Track: Back To The Days Of I Don’t Knows From:  So, Bird (album) Label: Dandy Boy Records Out: Now
A stunning mix of the slight folk inflections and 60s pop melodies of yesteryear San Francisco and the laconic jangly indie-pop of the Jeanines. Not quite sure how I missed their album release in March…I am just glad I have found this Oakland, California based foursome eventually !


Track: Stuck In Reno From:  Swingshift  (ep) Label: Monorail Music / Safe Suburban Home Records  Out: Now
This Vallejo, California based bedroom-pop artiste, has always done things with an understated flourish that sees him drift through eclectic nuances that always ooze originality. This track, with its fuzz laden twang and faux, is a perfect example of an artiste who never sits easily with convention.

You Said Forever

Track: Heavy Heart From:  Heavy Heart (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Stacked with twinkling melodies and subtle-gaze sensibilities, this is a sound reminiscent of a The BV’s style beauty, juxtaposed with the incessant driving tempos and post-punk modernity of DIIV.

Palms Psalm

Track: The Coast From:  The Coast (single) Label: Hot Temp Records Out: Now
Palms Psalm is a music project created by Eric Pas, who manages to find a perfect blend between subtle jangle-gaze spacious and the melodic intent of the best of modern day surf rock.

Robbie Rapids

Track: Adolescent Lover From:  Adolescent Lover (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
With the skew pop rock sensibilities of Elvis Costello, married to the jangly 80s riffs of the Nick Lowe essence, this track will take you into earworm territories that you may never escape from!

Hang Ten

Track: Mouth To Mouth From:  Hang Ten (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Modern day pop rock that usurps the current need for every band within the genre to sound like they have been attending The Beatles conventions for the last 10 years. All smooth, jangled riffs / surf pop classicism, that sidles it’s way through gloriously laconic melodies.

Basement Sweet

Track: Breathe From:  Lost (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo recording project of Calgary’s, Seth Petersen, is the perfect amalgamation of Jesse D’Kora style jangly commerciality and subtle surf pop, that oozes Charlie Duda’s respledent sunshine.

Grave Pool

Track: You Should All Be Murdered From:  Replications (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Morrissey like vocal inflections, Ian Curtis style despondent indifference and perfectly melancholic jangle-gaze wistfulness, make this Portland based act your new favourite find.

Peli Gene

Track: Hits From:  Hits (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Sometimes the artists promo blurb describes things so very perfectly, so I will go with his: “Hits’ is the latest in a string of releases by bedroom pop artist Peli Gene: the project moniker of 22 year old Tampa artist Gabriel Parker. This feel-good indie love song bursts with flavours of surf rock, dreampop and hints of psychedelica…

Rum Jungle

Track: Crimson Sunset From:  Everything Is Easy (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Melodic surf-pop-meets-slacker-pop, the way Jack Johnson wishes he could do it. Minimal effort, minimal tempo = maximum sunshine ! These Aussies just do lethargic so beautifully !


Track: Shadow on the Hilla From:  Drawn to the Flame (album) Label: Dimple Discs Out: Album out 01 July 2022
Chanteuse contempo-pop meets Lush style subtle shoe-gaze in this, the first flyer single from a Drawn to the Flame album that is already being touted as one of the 2022 releases that matter by certain notable zines and blogs.


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