EP Review – Holiday Day Romance / (Wishing I Had) Tickets for Saint Etienne / Surrender by The Photocopies

ThePhotoCopies (1)

The Photocopies is the solo recording project of Michigan based Londoner, Sean Turner. In his 12 EP’s (he calls them singles, although most are 3 or 4 tracks long) he seems intent on bringing all things the indiest of Anglophile sounds, stateside.
This, his latest three track single, appears to have set aside his recent fascination with the driven, incessant end of  C86 spectrum and replaced it with a fascinating mixture of 60s yesteryear and alt.jangle modernity.
As such Holiday Romance cracks open the release by crashing directly into a fuzz laden wall of guitars that gradually injects ever increasing jangled riffs into the mix, whilst Turners vocals flirt somewhere with the indie cool of a Beck meets Darren Hayman juxtapoistion, to drive the sound through perfect twee melodies.
The true stand out of the release is undoubtedly (Wishing I Had) Tickets for Saint Etienne, which is all of the above, with all the fuzz, drive and buzzsaw attitude removed and replaced with chiming riffs and accentuated melodic intent. It is the sort of track that is reminiscent of the recent Gustaf Westin / The Formans singles series, in it’s jangly purity.
The closing, Surrender, feels like a neat tribute to the tracks that have gone before. Here the fuzzy, lo-fi retro production returns, to cushion Turner’s vocals in a sound that is so very 60s melodic pop, that l am having to prevent myself from using adjectives like warm, lusicious and sumptuous, just because The Photocopies are simply too cool for that !
This act is just a full length away from being one of the finds of 2022.






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