Beat The Delete #0166 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0166, bringing you 15 tracks that got theEditors jangle receptors a wigglin’ this week !

The Umbrellas

Track: Write it In The Sky From: Write it In The Sky  (single) Label: Slumberland Records Out: Single out 24 June 2022
If you have never heard of The Umbrellas before, then whatever cave you may be living in needs to urgently get some ‘jangle reception’. For over the last two years this San Franciso foursome have been habitually residing in the various ‘best ofs lists’ of all the micro blogs that matter. This single never even threatens to diminish such a reputation.


Track: Six-out-of-Ten Friend From: Six-out-of-Ten Friend (single) Label: Self released
Out: Now
A brilliant ode to all ‘those acquaintances’ we go to more lengths to avoid, than we do to make friends with, set to precious Business School style adult contempo meets jangle-pop.


Track: How Did We Get Here? From: How Did We Get Here? (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Superb mix of Belle and Sebastian twee that engulfs itself in the under-production of The Velvet Underground and the downtrodden melancholy of the Johny Nocash vibe. My favourite of the week !

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness

Track: Turning Red From: The Third Wave Of… (album) Label: Bobo Intergral Out:  Album out 29 August 2022
This project of Gonzalo Marcos (El Palacio De Linares) and Andrew Taylor (Dropkick) is beautifully smooth, jangly power-pop in a manner that has always justifies every gushing Teenage Fanclub comparison. This is the second beautiful single from a forthcoming album that is eagerly anticipated.

Loveseat Pete

Track: Harry / New Song From: God Damn, Give Up (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
This Asbury Park, New Jersey trio offer a mixture of Big Thief style jangly laconic and frenetic fuzz, in the finest portrayal of the soft/loud dynamic you are likely to hear this side of the 90s.

Herr Wade

Track: Dummer Sommersong From: Herr Wade (EP) Label: Platiruma !!  Out: Now
Sebastian Voss (Nah, Cinema Engines and The Fisherman and His Soul) has been something of a creatiVe tornado of late, with this being the fourth act in the last 18 months that he has released with. Here he teams up with Jørn Åleskjær of Loch Ness Mouse and Sapphire and Steel fame, to produce superbly fragile, quirk-laden, jangly indie-pop.

book ii

Track: The Ruse From: The Ruse (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Claiming the hinterland between Mick Trouble style incessant garage-pop, the nervous agitation of Pylon type post-punk and psyche-rock/surf, this trio are the greatest Howlin Banana (label) act they haven’t signed yet!

The Sylvia Platters

Track: Doldrums From: Youth Without Virtue (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP out 24 June 2022
Rod Frame / XTC style guitar pop, married to jangly riffs that somehow seem to hold the beautiful holistic together despite their fragility. The forthcoming Youth Without Virtue EP that is out at the end of June, is eagerly awaited by all at JanglePopHub Towers.


Track: Mates From: Whatever We Become (album) Label: Philophobia Music Out: Single out 24 June 2022
Taking the indie-rock inflections of the Beeef sound and marrying it to the 90s jangle-pop aesthetic of a band such as the Lost Ships, this Wakefield, West Yorkshire based act could very well be the new The Shop Window.

The Moon Caravan

Track: Mourning Sun From:  Apollo (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
The Moon Caravan is the project of Venezuelan-American multi instrumentalist, Andy Moon, who splices DIIV style jangle-gaze through a spacious dream-pop, that heaves with muscularity and emotionality.

Slow Curve

Track: Cake From:  Cake (single) Label: Single Out: Now
Slow Curve is the work of Asheville-based songwriter, Danny Moore, who mixes lo-fi, pop rock and psyche to create a sound that oozes lethargic beauty.


Track: VOCÊ TÁ AQUI From: VOCÊ TÁ AQUI (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Brazilian based act who have joined my collection of Middleneck, Gushh type bands who are able to make me lose myself in headphones and darkness after a stressful day at work. Truly beautiful, jangly chillwave.

Michael Dunstan

Track: Behind the Waterfall From:  Behind The Waterfall (single) Label: Single Out: Now
This Perth, Australia native, offers a hazy psyche rock/chill/jangle that sometimes manages to out slacker even the best of laconic, coastal Aussie sounds. Babe Radio with extra rest periods and pretty, if you like.

In Deed

Track: Don’t Kill Me Babe From:  Don’t Kill Me Babe (single) Label: Big Stir Records Out: Now
Its been a few years, but Sweden’s most eclectic janglers are back. This time with a track that juxtaposes gregarious jangled riffs with alt country/psyche rock mannerisms and the slightest of The Voice of The Beehive inflections…another string in the very crowded jangle-pop bow of this fine act.

Views From Space

Track: Blue From:  Blue (single) Label: Sef releasedvOut: Now
Views From Space (Omi Gelacio) is a Filipino indie artist hailing from San Diego, CA, who takes the deliberation of sprightly surf rock riffs and wraps all manner of heavy jangle-gaze through their core. Always heavily ambient, always stunning.


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