EP Review – Healees by Healess (2022) (Hidden Bay Records)


Comprising of a French, Belgian, Swedish and American line-up, the mult–national foursome of Healees, have chosen both Paris and it’s superlative Hidden Bay Records label to release their perfect blend of mayhem, on this eponymous, debut EP.
The best of the release is represented by the exhilaration of Any Day, In Your Cave, Jaguarundi and Cadavre. Here Dude York / Smile style ramshackle jangled riffs fight for attention amid a wall Of Guitars that never really suffocates in a My Bloody Valentine way, but more acts as cushion for the Lush style shoegaze inflections to rest upon. Essentially it is noise with the beautiful factor ramped up to maximum.
However, the noise laden bombast does downsize at times during the release. Here Garden, Paradise and Sand assume a more deliberate sound, with chunky jangled riffs relegating the shoegaze hush to a mere guiding simmer, as the post-punk-meets-jangle-pop sounds of modern days acts such as DIIV and RGV awaken those senses in us that will always enjoy an anthem.
After a 12 months that has already seen brilliant releases from the likes of Persica 3, Andrew Younker, Docks & Fleuve and Cœur-joie, this Healees release finally seals Hidden Bay Records current appeal as the ‘most in form cassette label’ out there !








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