EP Review – Trouble by Laundromat Chicks (2022) (Self Released)


After their debut, Deep Sea Diver EP of August 2020, had accompanied many a pandemic lockdown moment for me, Viennesse foursome, Laundromat Chicks, are finally back to offer jangly miserabilism, just as the mid 80s anglophile, music goods intended.
As such one half of the album sees It Must Be The Stars, Now It’s Winter and My Head Fell Off juxtapose the drone spliced jangled melodies of the Letting Up Despite Great Faults vibe to the sound of acts like The Wake, The Chameleons and all manner of the mid to late 80s acts that oversaw the transition from Post-Punk to jangle-pop. Dark, dank but with refreshingly lucid guitar riffs, the mood of such tracks feels like a glorious release from a claustrophobic stranglehold. The end of a pandemic perhaps?
The remainder of the album is certainly more vibrant and traditionally endearing. Here, Close-up, Incomprehensible World and and the truly superlative stand out of You’re On The Line, take a completely different mid 80s sojourn, with C86 ramshackle guitar pop snapping and crackling with the sheer innovation of the time. With the jangled energies of The Pastels married to the modern day C86 incessant whirr of The Photocopies aesthetic, this is pure retro dynamism.
Possibly just a full length release away from getting genuine recognition from the micro-blogs that matter, the Laundromat Chicks are one of my favourite acts to come out of the post-pandemic landscape and their vibrant melancholy, just ‘kinda fits’ the current vibe of such a world.






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