Beat The Delete #0168 (weekly new music recommendations)


The ravages of “man-COVID” (normal COVID that women get, but obviously far worse) have meant that I am a bit later than usual with this and may have missed a few worthy submissions, as I continue to face and conquer the dank, darkness of death, like a glorious warrior.
But do not worry about me, just enjoy the new music from the acts below and move along with your lives.

New Way

Track: Never From: New Way (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
From the Morrissey inflected Daniel Treacy style vocals, to the engulfing post-punk meets jangle of early 90s The Cure, this German act offer the sound of all the best of jangle-pop’s more alternative yesteryear.


Track: Salgo De Casa From: Contagio (single) Label: Discos De Kirlian Out: Now
Miedo will appeal to those who love the fey, Spanish jangly indie-pop of acts such as The Yellow Melodies and Autoescuela and their mixture of the twee-est of twee and irresitably simple pop melodies.


Track: Half Yesterday From: Half Yesterday  (album) Label: Paisley Shirt Records / Mt St Mtn Out: EP out 08.07.22
Regular readers of the blog will know of my ever increasing love for all things the Paisley Shirt Records label. In my humble opinion the sheer brilliance of Flowertown’s, Time Trials album (2021) makes them the label’s flagship act.
This is the latest single from their forthcoming Half Yesterday album and only serves to cement my opinion.

The Beckleys

Track: Amethyst From: Amethysts (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The Beckleys have a late 80s, Postcard Records feel with the angularity of their spiky jangled riffs being juxtaposed against the modern day surf rock of the Charlie Duda aesthetic. Despite the original mixture of sounds, this Dallas based quintet act make it work with melodic aplomb.


Track: Down Bad From: Visceral Garden (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This New York City based have that emotionality about them, that seems like a cry in the dark from the more languid end of modern surf-punk. Think Surf Curse with extra beauty.


Track: Space & Time From: Space & Time (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Newcastle (UK) based threesome pound the musical hinterland somewhere equidistant between the alternative energies of The Replacements and the jangly americana of the Big Thief aesthetic. Always with jangled riffs aplenty, Bosola have been one of the most conisistent “unsigned’s” of recent times.

JW Francis

Track: Our Story From: Our Story (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Fuzzy, lo-fi, jangly power/pop-rock that is reminiscent of the Mo Troper vibe, that is augmented by an added sense of slacker-pop sunshine, that only serves to add even more endearment.

Quality  Used Cars

Track: Me and Damon Drinking Beers at the Grandview Hotel From: Me and Damon Drinking Beers at the Grandview Hotel / I’ve Never Felt More Alive (single) Label: Spoilsport Records Out: Now
Spoilsport Records continue their excellent form of unearthing the best of jangle-pop obtuse, with this Melbourne based quintet who take the Kurt Vile slacker-pop vibe, lace it with hazy jangled riffs and then add that ultra-cool sense of professional Aussie to it !

Rainbow Girls

Track: Compassion to the Nth Degree From: Compassion to the Nth Degree
 (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Released in conjunction with their tour supporting Ani DiFranco, this single sees the all girl Californian trio engulf retro production and jangled reverb, around the anti cutesy of their barbed attack on a vacuous society. A truly brilliant track.

Puerto Diablo

Track: Old Wind From: Old Wind (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Puerto Rican act offer a subtle blend of the best of indie-pop retro, with the whirring fuzz of the Neutral Milk Hotel sound married to the lo-fi jangle indie folk of the Peter Yorn aesthetic.

Sweet Lu

Track: Pisswreck From: Pisswreck (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Melbourne based act that have the driven energy of the janglier end of the Beeef sound and the indie rock meets jangle-pop propensities of Ducks Ltd. A massive buzz of a sound.


Track: Seven Letters From: Blue Dreams (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Orlando based quintet take the modern day surf rock sound of Toothpicks and course it through the truncated jangle riffs and playfulness of mid 80s college rock vibe. Check out the entire EP, it is superb!



  1. Wow thats true dedication. Curse you, Covid! Rest up, drink plenty of liquids, and Hope you feel better soon.


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