EP Review – Youth Without Virtue by The Sylvia Platters (2022) (Self released)

With a name like The Sylvia Platters you may well be forgiven for thinking that this Vancouver based foursome would be releasing the sort of dark music that may get the young to dress as Victorian prostitutes (Goths) and/or entice those with depressive issues, to seek sanctity at the bottom of tall buildings or within the confines of unlit gas ovens.
However, this sound is anything but an ode to all things maudlin. In fact the best of it, as heard in the incessant energies of Doldrums, the superlative stand out of Blue Juniper and the title track, could loosely be described as Smile style jangle rock, with chiming jangled riffs and a slight power-pop dynamism, augmenting the aesthetic.
Although the above trick is truly superb, this EP shows they are anything but a one trick pony, as seen in tracks where the tempo reduces. Here Pristine Disarray is built upon a the lucid Marr-esque jangled gold, which dashes in and out of  vocals that are deliberately isolated and Morrissey inflected. The other ‘slower track’, No Quarter, is equally as sumptuous with the languid, jangled faux chillwave of the Mount Mural sound, offering a beautiful conclusion to the release.
Grab yourself a copy of the cassette of this truly superb EP, here.






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