Jangle Jukebox #0004 – The Best of the weeks’ singles.


Ex-Sea Pinks man and erstwhile jangle-pop legend, Neil Brogan, has been quietly releasing his own brand of jangly indie-pop since the original pandemic lockdowns. This, Things Keep Getting In The Way single, is the title track from a very limited, hand numbered CD edition, that will be released in August 2022 and is the perfect track to get those impulses suggesting ‘buy’…do it, I can guarantee you this artiste never disappoints from a jangle-pop perspective (grab a copy here) !!!

After signing to the Ghostly International label to release his solo music, Los Angeles based John Cudlip, was aroused to the idea of his acts ‘full band potential’ via casual sessions held with members of DIIV and Daywave.
Now about to realize such potential, this Intake single is the fourth from a Happening album that will be released via the above label on 15.07.22. With a sound that takes on the soaring choruses of Dehd and augments them with jangled riffs that are given a subtlety through the lo-fi production, this release should see Launder achieve the critical acclaim that he so rightly deserves.

If ever there was a label that has a habit of releasing singles that insist upon garnering attention, it is the superb California based, BIRTHDIY label. This sub-label of Spirit Goth Records, completely justifies its tagline of ‘releasing digital gems’.
Their latest release is from Paradise Blossom (Thanh Nguyen and Steven Salazar) and is everything that is so special about the Spirit Goth vibe, with beautifully remote jangled riffs being partially submerged in all that can be sweet about subtle shoegaze inflections and lo-fi production.
Bedroom-pop has never sounded quite so special.

Way back in September 2019 JanglePopHub interviewed little know Slovenian frontman, Damjan Manevski, about his Rush To Relax project (see the full interview here) and the self titled debut album that was released that month (see full review here) on the Look Back and Laugh label.
Now signed to a Hidden Bay Records label that is in incredible form of late (who are co-releasing with Look Back and Laugh), this Pesni vo meani single is the first track from a Misli album that will be released on 12″ Vinyl on 31 August and is typical of the brilliant mix of chopped out post-punk modernity, jangled riffs and Balkan persuasions that Iis the acts’ signature sound.

Everything points to the 90s with this two track 7″ vinyl single by The Shop Window, from an A 4 Letter Word album that is out later in the year, on the always magnificent Spinout Nuggets.
Coursing the Britpop muscularity of the Cast, The Bluetones and Shed Seven vibe through the crystalline jangled riffs that has long since been the signature sound of this Kent based act, the latest caranation of the Carl Mann and Simon ‘Syd’ Oxlee partnership and their  Eyes Wide Shut A-side is the perfect amalgamation of everything brilliantly ‘guitar-pop’ about the 90s.
B-side, Low, will undoubtedly be considered the better of the two tracks by many. Here the sound becomes more plaintive and the jangle flutters rather than resonates, as the general beauty is augmented by the ‘made for indie’ backing vocals of the always wonderful Beth Arzy (Aberdeen, The Luxembourg Signal, Jetstream Pony et al).

Those of us who have less years remaining than we have already lived and have pulses that beat with the aid of ‘precautionary pills’ to sustain our ‘big indie hearts’, will probably remember London based foursome, the 14 Iced Bears, with an acute fondness.
This Pamela single (out on Shambotic Recordings) sees the return of both their lead singer Robert Sekula in his solo capacity and the jangly indie-pop sound of their earlier releases, that was eventually usurped by their psyche proclivitiies on their latter releases.
A very welcome blast from the past and hopefully an indication that a longer format release might be on its way?


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