EP Review – New Way by New Way (Self released) (2022)


Having survived the absolute ravages of what my wife loving calls my “Man-Covid”, some might forgive me (not my wife, I hasten to add who still thinks my near death experience was a ‘put on’) for being a little bit behind on the new releases over the last few weeks. Thus, I have missed this great eponymous EP (released 10 June 2022) by German Act, New Way, until now.
Steeped in a sense of beautiful melancholy as a core, the release is separated by shades of maudlin, rather than any shift in quality. At it’s most sombre, Afraid and Lipstick submerge Joy Division / Ina Curtis vocals in belltower clean, chiming vocals, that somehow manage to caress a darkwave essence into jangly post-punk realms. It is the sort of sound that should accompany any commute to work, in the rain, on a Monday morning, but is vibrant enough to remind you that Friday is always around the corner.
However, it is in the more sprightly tracks such as the superlative stand out of Followed, Never and Lipstick that this EP really grabs the attention. Here, Alex G style washed out aural textures, are given added emphasis and force via the sheer lucidity of the stunning jangled riffs and slight gaze textures, that are so reminiscent of the recent Hauseplants vibe or The BV’s. Beautiful, subtle jangle-gaze at it’s best.
An absolute must of a follow for those who like their jangle-gaze on the post-punk end of the spectrum !







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