Beat The Delete #0170 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Thank you very much for joining us once more for this weeks Beat The Delete #0170. It’s an interesting dozen tracks, featuring the return of legends such as The Chesterfields and Northern Portrait, alongside brand new ‘future jangle stars’, such as Zaykoh and Atmos Bloom.…we hope you enjoy !!!

The Chesterfields

Track: Our Songbird Has Gone From: Our Songbird Has Gone  (single) Label: Mr. Mellow’s Music Out: Now
One of the late 80’s / early 90’s finest jangly guitar-pop acts is back after a mere 28 years hiatus and it is as if they have never been away! Perfection in the same vein as the recent The Shop Window sound.

The Photocopies

Track: Somebody’s Fool From: Between You And Me (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This is the solo project of Michigan based Londoner, Sean Turner, who seems to have been on something of a one man crusade of late to release the complete spectrum of jangle-pop nuances from the 80/90s, with a whole flurry of singles and EP’s over the last year.
This, The Forman’s, style single shows that there he is capable of moments of absolute beauty amount his generally obtuse, indie-pop / C86 mayhem.

Heaven For Real

Track: Do Your Worst From: Energy Bar (album) Label: Mint Records Out: Album out 16.09.22
Once described as “combining elements of psych, jazz, ambient, electronica and Britpop”, thankfully this act always seem to draw jangle-pop inferences throughout the sound. One of my most eagerly awaited albums on my ‘pending list’.

Vanilla Abstract

Track: Bend From: Bend  (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Seattle based foursome and the perfection of this Bend, single offer the best of indie-folk-pop, mixed with a irresistable jangly energy that just drags the listener in and never really lets go. Earworm central…

Northern Portrait

Track: Once Upon A Bombshell From: Swiss Army (album) Label: Matinee Recordings Out: Album out 05.08.22
The long awaited return of Danish of 2000s legends, Northern Portrait, is now taking shape in earnest, with this the second single from a Swiss Army album that is out on 05.08.22.
All mid-tempo rhythms, Morrissey inflected vocals and subtle jangled riffs, this Danish act are still all manner of special !

The Valery Trails

Track: Jaisalmer From: Jaisalmer (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Brisbane based trio, The Valery Trails, always seem to find the perfect blend of the best of 80s power-pop and jangly riffs. This is another perfect slice of the type of 2 minute pop perfection that they are synonymous with !

Fleur bleu·e

Track: Son Visagie From: Son Visagie (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lying equidistant between Watoo Watoo style jangly twee-pop and Charlotte Gainsbourg pop smoothness, this sumptuous french language act / track is ‘gorgeous languid’ personified.

Chuck 2

Track: Yesterday’s Clothes From: How You Landed Here (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Loving this mix of Parker Longbough style, lo-fi / fuzzy power-pop and the slight Weezer / US Bratpop feel to the vocals. This project of Cincinatti’s, Chuck Walden, drags, just the perfect amount of lo-fi out of the production.

Atmos Bloom

Track: Picnic In The Rain From: Picnic in the Rain (single) Label: Spirit Goth Records Out: Now
This Manchester (UK) based duo have always been able to prise immense beauty out the mixture of dream and jangle-pop. However, this track just takes them to the next level.

Phantom Handshakes

Track: The Flowery Man From: The Flowery Man (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This jangle-meets-dream pop act, consisting of Federica Tassano and Matt Sklar, have always sounded all manner of Hibou style wonderful, but this track sees them move even further into the beautiful sublime.


Track: Outside From: Outside (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Marrying the earliest of Foliage style jangle-gaze and surf rock riffs, to a slight post-punk atmosphere, this single is the latest in a long line of brilliant tracks released by this artiste in the last year.

Al Marantz

Track: Open Up Your Blinds From: The Mechanic (album) Label: Cudighi Records Out: Album out 15 July 2022
Gone are the electronic machinations of the previous Mediatations and Background Sounds as Al Marantz moves towards a lo-fi, psychedelic inflected aesthetic, that is as brilliantly obtuse as is it is endearing.



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