Jangle Jukebox #0005 – The Best of the weeks’ singles.


It seems mental that the forthcoming release of Blue Rev (out on Polyvinyl Recording Company on 07.10.22) is a full five years after Alvvays released the simply sublime Antisocialites album and a approaching a decade since their eponymous debut implored Archie to Marry them and left us all with the ultimate earworm nestled inside the cranium forever more !
Finally back, the Pharmacist in the first single from the abovementioned album and seems to forego their signature, floaty, dream-pop jangle, in favour of a glorious abeyance to the new breed of melodic fuzz-pop acts that are currently so very much en-vogue.
It’s great and for them ‘different great’ to such an extent that it will be interesting to see of this is their ‘new aesthetic’ or just something to augment the old.

Jellies is the jangly, bedroom-pop recording project of Sheffield (UK) based duo, Adam Van der Veer and Tommy Wilson.
Taking a  fragile, subdued, Elliott Smith style jangle-pop core, swathing it in the best  traditions of The Velvet Underground under-production and augmenting everything with an early 90s style, UK psychedelica, this act have made their first single in over three years count in all the right ways.

Garden is the first single to be released from The Tisbury’s, third Exile on Main Street that is out on 16 September 2022.
Always with that ‘Old School’ appeal, this Philadelphia based quintet delve deep into the most blue collar of The Hold Steady style, mid 2000s Americana laced rock, whilst forcing jangly power-pop through it’s very core.
Forever appealing to fans of, Miracle LegionThe Smithereens, The Gin Blossoms and The Mommyheads this act will always have a committed fanbase.

Great to have Portland’s, jangliest indie-poppers, The Crystal Furs, back with their first new release since all the various lockdowns / pandemic restrictions had us running for our permo-face-hankies.
Always with that x-factor (ooohhh hark at Simon Cowell here !) that revolves around an indecipherable sense of consummate cool, this all female trio make their return with a brilliant Dashboard single that adds fuzz to their inimitable sense of 80s retro, twee-pop machinations and jangly indie.
This is a split release 7″ vinyl release with Pennywhistle Park, with the concept of both acts covering each others songs and is available from 22.07.22 on Emperial Sugar Records.

This is the first single from the forthcoming album to be released on Matinee Recordings later in the year.
With an album title of Jangedelica it is no surprise that this latest Laz McCluskey release continues with a Never Have I Ever single that juxtaposes the child like playfulness of fellow acts like the  BMX Bandits with the jangliest of indie-pop fey of U.S. Highball.
Always  superb value for money, this single is also released digitally with a couple of non album tracks on an EP (check it here)
This In The Right track is the fourth single to be released from the forthcoming The Third Wave Of… album that is due out on Bobo Intergral on 09.09.22, the majority of which have ended up on the Jangle JukeBox.
Always ready with power-pop melodies galore, jangle-pop energies and simply the most accomplished voice within the genre, this The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness duo of Andrew Taylor and Gonzalo Marcos are simply the finest Scottish power-pop act in history ! (sorry Teenage Fanclub fans) !!!


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