Album Review – First Prize For Everyone (2022) (Self released)


Although released under the name of Marc Andersson (vocals, lyrics and music) this First Prize For Everyone debut album is actually the work of a duo, with arrangements and the playing of instruments attributable to Juergen Felder.
Whatever the split in workload, this German act have made an album that works on so many levels. Initially it is dominated by the melodic brilliance of Turn Back Time, Not Your Name, Video Games, Girlfriend and Waiting For You.  Referred to on the Bandcamp release bio  ’60s beat-pop’, these tracks are intricately laced with the sort of jangle-pop that was so beautifully lucid about the Let’s Active aesthetic.
The ‘pretty’ side of the album continues in the late 80s, jangly anglophile vibe of Teenage Sorrow, One More Time and I Remember. All stripped back production that allows the jangled riffs to take absolute prevalence alongside nothing more than plaintive vocals, this sound is incredibly reminiscent of the earliest of The Pristines catalogue and the definitive forerunner to the jangliest of the Sarah Records roster.
When the pretty subsides a tad, the album takes on a vastly different energy with Have A Cigar, Who Was The One?, Dreaming Of Valerie and Still Alone offering the fuzz driven, melodic power-pop that has enjoyed a very recent re-emergence in the hands of fellow German acts such as Hanemoon and Man Behind Tree.
This album simply ‘needs’ to be on a physical format at some point and thankfully the Bandcamp page reveals plans to release an LP or CD in due course. I will be first in line !!!



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