Album Review – Casi Nada Es Para Siempre by Mañana El Espacio (2022) (Jigsaw Records)


Portland Oregon’s, Jigsaw Records are always one of ‘those labels’ that you simply must take more than a cursory interest in, as they have that much prized tendency to unearth the very best of new and largely overlooked acts and give them a chance.
The brilliance of recent albums by Aggi, Crabber and the simply immense Swimming Pools and Movie Stars, are recent releases that confirms the labels’ ability to “find them”, with the latest discovery to join this somewhat unique label, is not your typical USA / UK act, but one that hailS from the less chartered indie waters of Venezuela.
Most South / Central American jangle-pop nuanced music tends to have that obvious sense of latin around both tempo and rhythm. However, this Mañana El Espacio trio shy very clear from that and indulge more specifically in a sound that is steeped in originality.
Initially, tracks such as Navegando El Vacío, Celebran Por Nosotros and 100 best represent the albums dominant sound of chiming jangled riffs (I am not sure of the production effects on the guitar, but this version of chime is strangely perfect), juxtaposed with a twee-pop tempos and The Yellow Melodies / Autoescuela style, demure spanish vocals, that never threaten move away from total unassuming effect. Ultimately this is jangly twee-pop given just enough extra bite, to take it soemwhere different.
Whilst the chime is always present it does take less precedence in Lejos, Cosas Normales and Ya No Me Haces Falta. Here, the twee-pop is accentuated and the aesthetic moves towards the gloriously fey sound of a whole host of Spanish pop acts. Wear a blindfold and stick a pin in the Discos De Kirlian roster list and the chances are that this wonderful act will have a similar essence to the randomly selected act… and that essence will be all manner of jangly cute !
Another truly great find from a label with one of the biggest indie hearts around.






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