JanglePopHubMix #0018 – (Editors Fickle Finger…Where June ’22 jangled)


After ‘Man-COVID’ decimated the human resources at JanglePopHub Towers (i.e. me in the upstairs bedroom-cum-study) it is good to be back after last months ‘Where May Jangled’ had to be cancelled…hope you enjoy June’s offering !!!
The Mixcloud playlist is below, however should you wish to cherry pick tracks all the individual links are below also.

  1.  The Umbrellas Write it in the Sky (Slumberland Records)
  2.  Robert SekulaPamela (Self released)
  3.  The Shop WindowEyes Wide Shut (Spinout Nuggets)
  4.  The Sylvia Platters Doldrums (Self released)
  5.  Martin CourtneyShoes – (Domino Recording Co)
  6.  The WitsMemory (Self released)
  7.  New Way – Follow (Self released)
  8.  Hause Plants – Small Talk (Spirit Goth Records)
  9.  Love, Burns – To Say Goodbye (Calico Cat Records)
  10.  Go Sailor – Bigger Than An Ocean (Slumberland Records)
  11.  Jordan C. Weinstock! – Go Forth Fing Hope Grow Wings (Feat: New Found  Friends) (Heavenly Creature Records)
  12.  The Baggage Handlers – The (Nation) State I’m In (Self released)
  13.  Random DudesCheveux Des Riches (Self released)
  14.  My Raining StarsQuestions (Discos De Kirlian / Shelflife Records)
  15.  Let’s WhisperThe Thing That Defines (Fika Recordings)
  16.  West Coast Music ClubFaded Scrapbook (72 RPM Records)
  17.  The BirthmarksDeep Fake (Self Released)
  18.  Hazy Sour CherryI Wanna Kill Your Girlfriend (Damnably)
  19.  The SensitiveMono Donkey (Let’s Kiss A Secret)
  20.  GardenworksIf I Squint (Self released)
  21.  Old JoyGo Away Evil (Self released)
  22.  Old JoyWhite Picket Fence (Self released)
  23.  NostrandersDown Bad (Self releasded)
  24.  ChartsNumber One (Hovercraft Records)
  25.  Paradise BlossomRun Away With Me (BIRTHDiY)
  26.  Laundromat ChicksYou’re On The Line (Self released)
  27.  The Photocopies – (Wishing I Had) Tickets for Saint Etienne (Self released)
  28.  The Happy Somethings New Life (Self released)
  29.  Flowertown Half Yesterday (Paisley Shirt Records / Mt St Mtn)
  30.  The Ashenden Papers – The River Highway (Secret Center Records)


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