Album Review – Even In Jest by Cheerbleederz (Alcopop! Records) (2022)


There has been something so irresistably fun about this London based, all female trio, that has made their previous two EP’s, Faceplant (2018) and Lobotany (2020), the ultimate nourishment for all those Mixcloud / playlists / Blogs / Pods that feed upon the more quirky fodder.
Thankfully, safe in the hands of an Alcopop Records label that has always been a home to a subtle sense of obtuse,  Cheerbleederz continue to do whatever it is they bloody well like !
As such, the opening three track salvo of Break Ur Arm and the two lead singles of Cute As Hell / Nailbiters, join the superlative standout, Out Of Body to revel and rebel in typrically fearless dynamism.
Harking back to an The Undertones, earlier The Wedding Present and Buzzcocks fuzz and buzz, wall of guitars incessance, married to a vocal playfulness that is as twee and as ‘made for indie’ as The Hannah Barberas aesthetic, these tracks are augmented by subtle jangled riffs that dart, with perfect non-purpose, within the mayhem. It’s a exhilarating, kind of frantic energy and strangely pretty, despite itself.
The remainder of the album benefits from the the extra scope that the album format provides. My Condolences and Carbon Copy add Alt. rock bite to the mix, whereas the lo-fi understatement of jangle-pop chanteuses such as Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail are touched upon in the sweetness of Lazy Bones and the brilliant Note App Apologies.
Essentially, this debut album see Cheerbleederz mature somewhat…but thankfully not too much.






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