Album Review – Still Clouds At Noon by The Reds, Pinks and Purples (2022) (Self released)


Glenn Donaldson and his The Reds, Pinks and Purples project, has always been somewhat prolific. Regular interspersing his regular superlative albums, with even more frequent EPs and singles, this is plainly a man that uses his music to get moods off his chest.
This Still Clouds At Noon not only feels like the quintessential example of such musical purging, but also acts as something of an exercise to display the sombre futility of life, using both musical and lyrical perspectives.
All Night, is a cinematic, unusually elongated (for Donaldson), opener. All dark, dank, tones with accentuated dulcet, it bubbles and flirts on his usually vibrant, melodic beautiful, but ultimately steps back from becoming his signature sound, courtesy of a the feeling of resigned despair the production and aural textures evoke.
Essentially, it’s The Reds, Pinks and Purples with some of thrill removed, but none of the beauty and is also typified in most of the tracks, especially Happiness All Around and Writing Songs. In the context of the album the sound could not really be anything else, as the tracks bound from one disappointment to another.
Mostly its the fact that nothing ever changes that would be classed as his rankle, if it was not for the overwhelming sense of resignation, with the title track, The Future’s Just More of The Same not hiding the despondence and the lyrical imagery of ‘clinging to the wall’ (presumably for mental survival) and the ‘filthy rain’, squandering any possibility of the optimism that the vibrancy of much of his other work gently clings to.
Of course the vinyl label albums, rather than this digital only offering, will be the ones getting all the attention. However,  this is ‘the’ album that Donaldson should be interviewed about. The thinking mans’ TRP&P’s, if you will…






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