Beat The Delete #0174 (weekly new music recommendations)



Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete 0174…it has now been a couple of months since Bandcamp Friday ended and the world’s Gmail accounts were able to beathe a collective sigh of relief as genuinely new music received in them is not hidden by that 2012 demo re-mix that you simply have to buy !!!
The best of them are below…

Widow’s Gold

Track: Inside From: Inside (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Fans of the Ciel sound of dream-pop, that transforms into raucous, melodic fuzz…this Costa Mesa, California based foursome, founded by husband/wife duo Ben Sauer [guitar] and Madeline Star [vocals], might just be your new darlings.


Track: Ring True From: Ring True (single) Label: Dangerbird Records Out: Now
Swervedriver style gaze and hazy fuzz, augmented by jangled melodies that just about win the fight for attention and the sweetest of plaintive vocals. This Brendan Dyer based simply goes from strength to strength.

Soot Sprite

Track: Lazy From: Lazy (single) Label: Specialist Subject Records Out: Now
After the success of last years’ Poltergeists album, this Exeter UK based act release their first single ahead of this summers UK tour. Delicate gaze mixed with muscular dream-pop, this act always jangle with absolute intent.

Forever Honey

Track: I’ve Been Down From: I’ve Been Down (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Filling the gaps between soft rocks laconic tempo’s, with beautiful jangle-pop and  introspective Mazzy Starr style vocals, this Brooklyn, NY, based foursome offer a stunning mix of aural textures.

The Vacant Shapes

Track: Lover’s Daze From: Lover’s Daze (single) Label: Thick Honey Records Out: Now
Continuing with the fuzz aesthetic, but this time coursing it through the Man Behind Tree power-pop modernity and a semblance of Dan Sartain snarl, this Californian foursome is all manner of melodic attitude.

The Valery Trails

Track: Zancudo From: The Sky Is Blue (single) Label: Self released Out: Album out 12 August 2022
This third single from The Valery Trails forthcoming album, is everything this Brisbane trio should be famed for. Melodic, power-pop delivered with blue collar creedence and all manner of Australiana. Press every follow button to get a copy of their The Sky Is Blue album next week.

Movie Movie

Track: Bright Lights From: Now Playing (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Continuing with the power pop essence, this New York based act, seemed to determined to bring the 12 string back to the genre, whilst engendering a simultaneous sense of suave cinematic.

Slum Summer

Track: Living In Milk From: Living In Milk (Album) Label: Jigsaw Records Out: Now
This Hugh Noble (The Wave Pictures) recording project takes on the flat stringed twang of the Pavement sound, Mark E.Smith gruffness and an Archers of Loaf jangle rock energy.


Track: Trophy Case From: Psalms to Strip (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Fuzz rock mayhem from a Marquette, Michigan based act that will appeal to those that love their Ovlov albums cranked up to the max!

The Mellons

Track: Hello, Sun From: Introducing…The Mellons (album) Label: Earth Libraries Out: Album out 16 August 2022
This third single from The Mellons forthcoming album, splices subtle jangle through the sort of 70s leftfield psyche that The Beatles gave the world, when their music was enhanced by the sort of substances our Mums warned us about !


Track: So Low From: Sunkissed LP (album) Label: Candlepin Records Out: Now
Imagine the earliest of the Orange Juice quirk pop married to the vocal histrionics of Morrissey and you have arrived at the best 80s retro, jangle-pop territories that this superb release resides within.

The What-Nots

Track: Starting Line From: Starting Line (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lifted directly from their promo blurb, this track is “An upbeat summer jam featuring jangly guitar, dirty bass, pristine vocals and bouncing drums” ! If anything else is really needed, then it is eluding me!


Track: Shark Attack From: Shark Attack (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Fort Worth, Texas threesome, take Surf Curse style riffs and add the sort of melodic mayhem that is so reminiscent of Dehd. It all comes out the other end as the best jangle-surf-punk around !

Kitschen Boy

Track: Something Something Something From: Excessive Garishness and Sentimentality (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP out 01.09.22
Courting regular adulation, from no less than Triple J, this Melbourne based foursome have added more jangle to their sound and appear set to ‘breakthrough’ with a debut EP, that is out at the beginning of September 2022.

Dani Mack

Track: Fleabag From: Fleabag (single) Label: Future Gods Out: Now
With a sound akin to a wonderful marriage between the lucidity of Phoebe Bridgers and the indie cool of Palehound, this Los Angeles based chanteuse is slowly courting the critical acclaim of all the right publications, with her first three singles on the Future Gods label.

Paper Lady

Track: Winter Comes From: Winter Comes (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Paper Lady are 5 ex Berklee College of Music graduates, who make ethereal dream-pop, juxtaposed with jangled riffs and sense of subtle cinematic. Always stunning, this act can always be relied upon to offer beauty.

The Road to Ruin

Track: Occasion by Occasion From: Occasion by Occasion (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This is the project of Brooklyn based Miles Stenhouse, who takes Super 8 style psyche-pop and drops perfect quotients of Big Star jangle and Wilco laconic into the mix.



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