EP Review – Departure by The Photocopies (2022) (Self Released)

DepartureBorderInsta (1)

Whilst the world has been doting on Wet Leg and other bands that are making a glorious noise with bigger labels, one prolific Michigan based Londoner, has quietly been churning out simply the best noise-pop – meets- C86 meets – jangle-pop, that Bandcamp conossieurs have been treated to in many a year.
C86 to a pristine cadence, Sean Turner continues with a superlative Departure EP, which is his last (of many over the last year) before the Subjangle label release ‘almost’ everything on one of their much coveted, limited edition double CD’s, at the end of August 2022.
Thankfully the quality has never diminished,despite the frequency of releases and this EP is initiated with a Blindsided track that is not only arguably his best yet, but also very possibly his most jangly. Gregariously jangle-pop, in the manner of Pristine Christine era The Sea Urchins, if this track was released 30 years ago, it would have been fawned over by the ‘Sarah Crowd’ for decades already.
Of course the best of the 80s/ 90s is what The Photocopies ‘do’ and naturally this essence continues with the two tracks of the era’s melodic fuzz. Westfield is a reminder of everything so special about The Pastels, whereas the simply sublime Up There and Now You’re Gone is Turner finally stepping headlong into the beautiful Bandwagonesque Teenage Fanclub territories that his previous releases had only hitherto hinted at, albeit with their sound being married to the slight croon of The Mighty Lemon Drops vocals.
Of course people will accuse me of bias regarding my gushing fanboy praise of this act, primarily due to the fact that the Subjangle is the label run by this blog. However, please do yourself a favour and spend a morning or afternoon with this EP and The Photocopies back catalogue and I am confident you will see my adulation is more than justified !






  1. Hi John, thanks for your interest. It is amazing how many people have caught The Photocopies bug. It’s like the nicest strain of COVID ever !!!

    The album will be out on Bandcamp on Friday 26th August on both the Subjangle and The Photocopies page. Sean is just putting the finishing touches to a couple of tracks.

    Regards Darrin


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