Beat The Delete #0175 (Weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks you for joining us for Beat The Delete #0175. 14 tracks for you this week, bringing you a mixture of new and old friends to the Beat The Delete pages.
We hope you find a new favourite !

Chuck 2

Track: Eat You Up From: How You Landed Here (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Grumbling fuzz, with a Ween style mid 2000s brat-pop feel coursing through the faux melodies. This track is typical of the general energy of their superb How You Landed Here debut album.

Welcome Strawberry

Track: Harvest Apartments From: Welcome Strawberry (album) Label: Self released Out: Album out 02.09.22
My most eagerly awaited album at present is the eponymous Welcome Strawberry one, with this, the third flyer single from it showing exactly how perfect the subtle, jangy fuzz/gaze is.  Imagine Bobsled Team with extra fuzz and haze and you are in the right beautiful, musical ball park.

Frankie Cosmos

Track: One Year Stand From: Inner World Peace (album) Label: Sub Pop Out: Album out 21.10.22
It has been three years since the last album by this Greta Kline project. However, finally she is back with the first single from her forthcoming Inner World Peace album, that sidles through laconic jangly dream-pop, as opposed to her often rock based aesthetic.

The Meeks

Track: Over, Under From: Houseplants (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Brooklyn based act will assuage all fans of smooth jangly acts like The Rembrandts or Mt.Misery, with their mid tempo mix of soft rock and college rock. I am really enjoying the entire Houseplants album of late and it is well worth checking out.

Kid Chameleon

Track: Fashion Coat From: 5 Covers (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Whether it is with his own solo work or as half of the Fine band, Liam Marsh can always be relied upon to offer beauty in everything he releases. The five cover tracks on this EP are certainly no different.

The Ghost Ease

Track: HDTV From: HDTV (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo project envisioned by Portland based, multi-modality artist, Jem Marie, has everything from grumbling garage to melodic fuzz and jangly power-pop, in a sound that enthralls from start to finish.

Appalachian Surf Team

Track: Conquistador From: Conquistador (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Dick Dale style early 60s surf riffs, that swirl with a modernity that is so easy to get so very wrong, but so glorious when it comes together. This Knoxville, Tennessee based act make the sound their own !!!

Nell Davies

Track: What The Heart Wants From: What The Heart Wants (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Creating jangly indie-pop that cloys in the best sense of the word, this Cornish chanteuse offers the finest ‘cutesy’ around, in a track that is all manner of twee driven earworm !

Crisis Walk-ins

Track: Boring Song From: Boring Song (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Bellville, Illinois based indie-pop duo, describe their sound as “lo-fi muzak”, which I can relate to. However, it has a certain edge to it that might best be described as Kate Bush fronting Watoo Watoo. An act swathed in genuine originality.

Tender Glue

Track: Simple Boys From: Hell In a Heatwave (single) Label: Arts & Crafts Out: Now
New York City-based folk singer-songwriter Tom Gluewicki, aka Tender Glue, offers hazy dream-pop that splutters and spasms from its lo-fi beauty, with juddering, chiming guitar riffs that never really dominate the disparate sense of wistful.

Chemical Club

Track: Hell in a Heatwave From: Hell In a Heatwave (single) Label: Arts & Crafts Out: Now
This Ontario based duo have a perfect mixture of darkness and light. It’s sunshine laden dream-pop with a hint of melancholy. A beautiful sound, reminiscent of Ghost Mail, for those who are never happy unless they have something to worry about !

Ian Hinkley

Track: True Blue From: Guy Wonder (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
With the Americana snarl and wail of Dan Sartain, married to melodic fuzz and left field indie-folk, this Sonoma, California based act does things very much his own way.

Robert Church & The Holy Community

Track: Fireball From: Fireball (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This mixture of chiming, jangly dream-pop and synths reminds me of the more recent TV Sets releases. After a near 15 year hiatus it is great to hear this Stocholm based duo of  Mlam Dos Castagnettes & Jam Nalnsjö recording again.

Sam Shingler

Track: Utopia From: Utopia (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Their promo blurb expalins things so much better than I could so please forgive the blatant plagiarism !!! –
Finnish singer-songwriter Sam Shingler returns with a new single Utopia, a escapist ode to summer, youth and love. This dreamy, yet upbeat pop gem brings into mind such 80’s and 90’s indie pop acts as The Sundays, The Cure and Cocteau Twins. Alongside Sam and sharing vocal duties, Utopia features another Helsinki-based singer-songwriter Henna Emilia Hietamäki.


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