Jangle Jukebox #0007 – The Best of the weeks’ singles.


Even after just one EP and a handful of singles, it is plain to see that Linköping’s, (Sweden) The Slow Summits, are undoubtedly just a full length release and an indie label, from becoming the jangliest of jangle-pop legends for the ‘Bandcamp crowd’.
This Times on Your Side single further cements such an affirmation, harking back to the days of  80s/90s, UK jangle-pop bands such The Siddeleys and The Haywains who crammed their tracks full of similarly lucid jangly riffs.
Hopefully there will be a more substantial release very soon!

California Misses You is the second single from our The Crystal Furs next album, In Coastal Light, which is coming in September on the Reckless Yes label. In conjunction with last month’s initial Charlatan release, this single adds further creedence to the probability that this Portland based, all female trio, appear to be moving into more eclectic nuances.
With a more lo-fi production and dreamy orientation than they have released before, this single is truly The Crystal Furs at the absolute height of the retro indie-pop beauty.

Hidden Things is the solo recording project of Brooklyn based, Greg Adams and this wonderful What More single is his first release since his superb Not Even Regret album of December 2020.
Claiming the musical hinterland between indie-pop, twee-pop and pop rock as his very own, this act always releases music that gravitates instantly towards pop musics’ more earworm territories.

I seem to devote a lot of my time dismissing any fuzzy / gaze laden sound as ‘not jangly enough’ as if I have some sort of divine right to expect fuzz-pop and shoegaze to be delivered as such !
Finally UK duo The Gabys have put me out of the ego-centric misery that only The Garbage and the Flowers had previously filled, with their perfect balance between heavy haze and reverb and the exact amount of melody that is allowed to surface.
This is The End of Love single is the first from the eponymous EP that is out on the Fruits and Flowers label in mid October 2022 on 7″ vinyl and deserves a press of every follow button you can find!

Old Moon is the solo project of Sharon, Vermont based Tom Weir. This Dark Blue Morning single is his first from the highly anticipated, Under All Skies EP, that is out on Relief Map Records on 16 September 2022.
Reminiscent of the Young Guv mix of muscular, jangly dream-pop and modern day post-punk meets power-pop, this single enthralls from staret to finish with it’s drive.

I have been highly critical about how power-pop seems to have lost it’s edge over the last few years, as it is becoming increasingly a sound released by middle-aged acts that are enamoured, just a little too much, by all things 70s and 80s.
Then a long comes an act like Philadelphia’s, 2nd Grade and this Strung Out On You single (From an Easy Listening album that is out on Double Double Whammy on 30.09.2022) that reminds me that such a sound can a) be glorious if delivered with this amount of jangle and soft rock nuances and b) that the younger generation are capable of adding something different to it.
Really looking forward to this album renewing my faith in the genre.



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