EP Review – The Shoken Truth by Shoken Boys (2022) (Self released)


After the dreamy, surf laden jangle pop of the brilliant Boyhood album (released in December 2021), Israel’s Shoken Boys are already back with another superb The Shoken Truth EP, that moves them into something of a different jangly direction.
Not that the opening, The Hit track would hint at an obvious deviation,with its continuation of the jangly, guitar-pop meets dreamy chime juxtaposition that has rapidly become their signature sound. This continues in the following Elsewhere, which is all manner 90s guitar-pop at it most perfect.
Thereafter, a homage to Aussie dolewave starts in earnest. The twinkling, yet dulcet, jangled riffs of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding and their incessant tempos, battered percussion and cool vocal disinterest, course through the stand out of Galaxies Away and You Shine Brightly, whereas the laboured tempos and professional level of Australiana slacker, is the perfect, Go Get Mum style closer in Regards.
I have been following this act since 2019 and they have never once released anything that fails to appeal from a jangle-pop perspective and the quality of this shift in jangle-direction just proves they are rapidly becoming one of the genres more accomplished acts.





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