Album Review – The Sky Is Blue by The Valery Trails (2022) (Self released)


Recently I happened upon the term ‘Indelible Anthems.  I have decided to purloin this and use it with as much frequency as my need to use the ‘earworms’ will allow. Of course there is a less than subtle gap between the two terms, which is probably best explained via this superb The Sky Is Blue album by Brisbane based threesome, The Valery Trails. 
The gap is bridged by the typically Aussie dulcet of tracks such as Jaislamer, Zancudo, Maybe and Sometimes. All power-pop riffs, that just about slide off the end of mid tempo parameters and coursed with effortless jangled riffs that augment the omnipresent melodic intent, this is the big anthemic sound that just will not leave your head.
Of course, as with every release from this band, they are capable of dropping the whirring power-pop incessance, to caress immense levels of beauty out of their lower-tempo tracks. Here, There But For The Grace, These Times and the superlative stand out of Make No Mistake, take the Silver Jews downplayed emotionality into Triple J territories.
One of the finest acts of the last decade is back after a six year hiatus and they are simply better than ever and although, quite disastrously, there is no CD available,  rich hipster types can buy a slab of vinyl here….’normals’ among us can make do with digital, it’s still well worth it !






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