Jangle Jukebox #0008 (The best of the recent singles)


So many great new tracks were released last weekend, either as stand alone singles or as flyer singles for vinyl albums that have managed to find a vinyl pressing plant that is not totally deluged by the absolute flurry of third re-issues for 90/00’s releases.
Yaaay for new music…yaaay for singles ! Our favourites for the weeks are below.

Fine (a duo consisting of solo acts Alice Kat and Liam Marsh, aka Kid Chameleon) are back with their first new music after the critical acclaim of their eponymous double album compilation of March 2022.
Breathe Out is the first single from a forthcoming album that I am reliably informed is being released sometime before the end of the year and sees them exercise a vibrancy that moves towards to the playfulness of the C86 sound, but still retains the essence of their always beautiful jangly melancolia.

With the brilliant subtle continuity link of someone immensely brilliant at continuity links, Alice Kat of the abovementioned Fine band, has released a superlative solo single.
All fuzzy, lo-fi-pop with jangled melodies forcing their way through a cushioned wall of sound and bedroom production, this Sylvia track illuminates her stunning vocal tone beautifully.

Sean Turner and his The Photocopies solo project is nothing if not prolific, having released enough music in the last year,  to release a 45 track, double album career retrospective, to go on sale via the Subjangle label on 26.08.22.
This I Can’t Imagine What You See Him single has to be his last release before then (surely?) and continues his trawl through everything leftfield jangly of the 80s and 90s. Juxtaposing jangly wall of sound, The Wedding Present style guitars and plaintive lost love lyrics, to all manner of C86 ramshackle, The Photocopies are simply the best modern act at the whole retro thing at present !

Continuing with my new found deftness at continuity links, another prolific band are Glenn Donaldsons‘, The Reds, Pinks and Purples project, who are already following up on the amazing Summer At Lands End (Feb 2022) and Still Clouds At Noon (July 2022) albums, with a They Only Wanted Your Soul full length that will be released in October 2022 on Slumberland Records.
Saw You at the Record Shop is the first single to be released from this album and is so very typical of a signature sounds that haunts, compels and beguiles simultaneously and equal measures.

Vancouver based foursome Dumb, take jangled riffs, isolate them form a general sense of obtuse and add sedate Devo style quirks, to produce one of the more original alt.jangle sounds of the year.
Pull Me Up is the third single from a Pray 4 Tomorrow album that is out on Mint Records on 11 November 2022. All have been superb so far and the album is gearing up to be a must have !

Adults are something of a natural bedfellow for Dumb, with their jangle rock being punctuated by a sense of leftfield, that emanates from an incessant noise-pop energy and unrelenting vocal delivery, as they race through a world of issues from transphobia to mental health and all manner of societal nightmares in between, that might affect those whose youth is rapidly turning into the serious business of adulthood.
Things We Achieve is the second single from a For Everything, Always album that is out on Fika Recordings on 14 October 2022.

Fresh from the critical accliam afforded their recently released, 20 track career retrospective ‘best of’ album, the enigmatic trio of The Happy Somethings (…for no-one know of whom they may be?) emerge from the sun dappled hills of the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire borders to release their latest joyful, jangly indie-pop, The Present single to the world.
It is always a happier place when they do and all flowery prose are thus deserved !!!


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