EP Review by Which Ways Up by Spooky Boys (2022) (BIRTHDIY)


If you are one of those sad cases like me, whose musical obsessions are just as much centred around labels as it the acts, then California’s BIRTHDIY label, a subsidiary of Spirit Goth that appears to offer everything that does not really fit into their jangle-gaze main show or is not a physical release, is certainly one to watch.
Their latest release is this superb, Which Ways Up EP by Portland’s, Spooky Boys that offers ‘sit superbly incessant energy in two slightly shifted jangy nuances. Initially, the opening double salvo of Le Telephone and U Turn offer the driving jangly indie rock of Ducks Ltd married to gregarious Fort Revere / Fletcher style surf rock riffs. Both tracks are driven, unrelenting energy and simply demand the listener to seek out a live show somehwere, because you ‘just know’ it will be special.
When the energy is tamed a tad and the indie rock muscualrity subsides somewhat, it allows Hi Lite and British Columbia to wallow in chiming surf rock riffs and add a hazy sense of laconic. Whilst they do not steal the show, they do act as a much needed, more beautiful, respite to the opening mayhem.
Two EP’s in (their eponymous debut is of similar quality), the Spooky Boys certainly have the potential to take their place at the shoulders with modern day surf rock greats.






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