Beat The Delete #0180 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining me for the latest Beat The Delete #0178. It is a little bit late because I am British (albeit living in South Africa) and I am fielding numerous messages offering me commiserations about the demise of the Queen, despite the fact that I have never met her or even had a chat with her on the phone.
I did once wave a little Union Jack flag at her when her entourage drove through my city. I was 8 and that was the only time I saw her in the fleshm so it’s hard to get too upset.
Anyway rest in peace your majesty. It’s going to be an absolute giggle with Charles !


Track: Anything Goes  From: Anything Goes (single) Label: Delf released Out: Now
This side project of Ditte Duus and Kasper Clemmensen from Danish twee-food-pop specialists Tampopo, drifts into the sort of 80s/90s jangly indie-pop territories that would have been a delight to the ‘Sarah Crowd’…just a couple of demos and this, their first ‘polished’ track released so far and already we have an act of pure potential that is a ‘must follow’.


Track: Surprise  From: Surprise (single) Label: Papercup Music Out: Now
Swathed in luscious, dreamy gaze and tiny jangled riffs that cushion the expansive beauty of the Slowdive vibe, this Albany (New York) based foursome do 90s gaze at it’s most beautifully fragile.


Track: Feel It Float  From: Feel It Float (single) Label: Admirable Traits Records Out: Now
Continuing with the jangle-gaze genre, this Buffalo (New York) foursome course a sense of swirling ethereal through their jangled riffs and adds a 90s muscularity that is so evocative of the 90s Silversun Picksups vibe.

Arum Rae

Track: Country Road From: Country Road (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lucinda Williams-meets-The Velvet Underground-meets jangle. It should not work… but plainly no-one ever forwarded that particular e-mail to Winconsin’s Arum Rae. Truly stunning !

Tender Glue

Track: Sad Sometimes From: Sad Sometimes (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This track is so very typical of Tom Gluewicki solo project that transforms oppressive thoughts into a heart rendering positive, via the omnipresence of beautifully subtle jangle-pop.

Forever Honey

Track: Could I Come Here Alone From: Could I Come Here Alone (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Those of you who love the dreamy, wistful jangle-pop acts of acts like Hatchie or Poppongene, will most certainly have found a new darling in this Brooklyn, New York foursome.

Say Something in the Morning

Track: The Mother In Me From: The Mother In Me (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Alec Oundsworth style vocals, Daniel Johnston obtuse indie pop-rock inflections and a subtle sense of jangly guile, is the strange yet beguiling core aesthetic of this solo project of New England’s, Brandon Jerard.

Welcome Strawberry

Track: The Stream Guides Me Along  From: Welcome Strawberry (album) Label: Too Good To Be True Records / Cherub Dream Records Out: Now
This project of Cyrus VandenBerghe, mixes the distance of four track production with swirling psyche laden gaze and the most cloying of subtle jangled melodies. Another fine track from a Bay Area scene that seems to have a fine act housed at each street !


Track: inN(o)cence From: inN(o)cence (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
This project of Japan’s Fujitani Shinya‘s reminds me of the Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall style aesthetic. All swirling, rock edged gaze, married to that indefinable sweetness that only the South East Asian acts can really master.


Track: Can’t Go Back From: Cat Hair (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Surf pop juxtaposed against a fragile, slacker-rock, Pixies spirit that beguiles with it’s sheer lack of energy and playfulness. The entire EP is well worth checking out.


Track: Relaspe  From: Relapse (single) Label: Fierce Panda Records Out: Now
Double barreled guitar lines and shifts between traditional and obtuse melodies, makes the left of centre jangle-pop / Built To Spill aesthetic of Gardening something that never really allows the listener to settle. Non confomity at it’s best from these Londoners.

The Lunar Towers

Track: Southern Love  From: Southern Love (single) Label: Colorama Records Out: Now
This London/Cheltenham based foursome are all Kevin Robertson style 60s pop inflections and Teenage Fanclub style 90s power-pop, all thrown through the most stunning of The Byrds filters !


Track: High  From: High (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Juxtaposing The Black Watch gaze/fuzz-pop, with a melodic, cushioned The Lightning Seeds effect, This project of Melbourne’s Thomas Lee is all the finest ambient guitar  and is the artistes fiest release with a full band. It certainly suits !

Skinny Dippers

Track: What You’re Made For  From: The Town and the City (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Ryan Gross project slides happy-sad lyrics through the most jangled of melancolia to provide the perfect accompaniment for the pain and joy of lifes journeys and travails.

Sun Town Cult

Track: Suzanne No.3  From:  Suzanne No.3 (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Think the Aussie coastal psyche of an act such as Babe Radio and then slows it down with the cloying jangle of no-tempo slacker-pop and you have stumbled upon the musical aesthetic of this perfect ‘beer on the beach’ sound.


Track: What You’re Made For  From: Unchartered Territory (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Those of you count Haircut 100 / Nick Heyward among your more treasured, 80S inflected guitar-pop, may well have found a new darling !


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